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Sizzling Brownie#82: Our Home!

Well this is not an essay about what  ‘home’ is but I just have always had this urge to write about our home so many times, each time I step into it, it brings life and peace and calmness into me. Each bit of it, the way we have designed it, the colours mango shake or golden apple, azure sky or spruce up, all bring in the same pleasant sense of being ‘at home’.

We have earlier stayed at many rented places and decorated each with our love and attention as best as possible but the beauty of this place is in its every detail, each detail is about us. We had then itself made rounded edged furniture and made sure that the switches and points were higher than crawling height thinking of our lil bundle of joy and now it thrills me when I see him all over the place making each corner his own in his own simple curious ways. We planned an open kitchen and he simply loves it. There are two open shelves just at his height where I have now kept his spoons bowls cups and vessels to play with because he copies whatever we do. Then we have this tv unit with open box shelves which has his toys and books on display so they are easily accessible to him. The place looks a little busy but each day I feel happy to put his strewn toys and books back alongside hubby enjoying some tv time which is a luxury in itself 😉

It’s funny how we tend to discover more places in the same premises to enjoy the home even more. The other day we had our morning tea on the balcony with the table repositioned so we are in hearing distance when baby wakes up. And then yday I laid down an outdoor mat and Yuki was super excited to play with his lego blocks there. We recently got some plants and papa beta love watering those together. Just a day ago he felt like and simply plucked away all the huge Dahlia blooms and then seeing my frown, put those back in the pot trying to stick back the flowers onto the stem 😀 and that’s the innocence we cant match as we ‘grow up’.

There is this pair of bird keyholders with their own lil homes and he knows when we are out the birdies are out and when we home them home. They have whistles in their tails and he learnt so quick to use that too.

There are these moments he spends chasing around his chachu and mausi and all his grandparents, which vibrates so much more positivity and love all around.

With His grace and everyone’s love and blessings, every nook and corner is emerging and changing and growing anew fresh with love and energy each day, and am ever so grateful for all these moments here that makes this place ‘our home’..

And this is the mail I had written to our close friends just after shifting and I am glad to say the feeling continues…

Thank u !

Sub: Khwabon ke tinkon se chal banaye Aashiyan 🙂 🙂

Hey guys,
We are finally HOME !!!
We shifted on Monday n though things are randomly scattered all around but the Home holds it all in the right place…all the love and efforts…all the US :-):-)
Wherever I look in every small detail its US…the ceaseless efforts..the many tiring trips all the strain all has just so beautifully led way, transformed into the many smiles everytime anytime.. Even when I look at the hinges the paint the handles the sinks faucets hehe…
N my sweet lil school boybuddy my best buddy has become a big Man now…grown up thru anthr phase…thru the numerous trips n worries..the way he has kept his calm..held his nerves…to give us this moment for life…. this beautiful abode of love…..( I love UU JaanUU)

Bas its an absolutely amazing feeling…owning a house sounds so materialistic but believe me its one of the most heavenly feeling… Your own Home… Its worth it all!

N now we are eager for u guys to have this feeling soon…am sure u guys wd love it as much as we nw n ever…
Our best wishes as always…

Wd send video soon..
When internet comes wd Skype n shw u…

July 2014



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here i am !

so before anything else distracts me i just wanna start writing. no attention to spelling grammar or anything please excuse my impromptu effort to b back in line with my writing and me..

i have missed this terribly and haven’t been able to know how to fit in.

things seem beautiful today morning. back of the mind i know not everything is still perfect or in place as i want them to b but this morning is beautiful.. even if i have had a terrible cold like never before or even if we all have been dealing with the cold in and out in general but there’s something good about this morning. maybe just the fact that am writing now till i am.

as per my last post, we have been blessed with a darling little bundle of joy and fun and he is our Sambuddha. we call him yuki which means happiness and snow a culmination of the meanings of both our names. he is born in Japan and now enjoys the love and affection of everyone here back in India. soon i intend to write about his myriad buddha tales.

today morning he got up for his morning feed and then wasn’t able to fall asleep due to the cold. he kept lying on the bed mumbling and fumbling in between both of us and calling out to us from time to time after each sneeze. i still remember the first time he said mama when he turned 8 months old and remember wondering when he will call out to me and now he does. when he wakes up from sleep he gets up and calls me. and that melts me right away ! morn then i asked if i shd carry him and help him sleep and he nodded yes. so we went into our kitchen and living, and strolled around to mama humming ‘wheels on the bus’, did some hot water massage of nose and introduction to steam which was met with wonder and question alike. he held on to me so lovingly and i wondered at the comfort he finds in me. enables me to that. and just as i thot he wnt b able to sleep now, he gently fell asleep.

hubby too haven’t been able to sleep very well since a long time. the day before yesterday he worked from home because of my terrible cold and just to see him the whole day made me feel so warm and cozy. at peace. as always. we haven’t been able to make much more brownies but the sizzle is always there. the lack of quality time with each other reflects in our tiny squabbles every day but down beneath we both know and as he recently mentioned it’s because we miss each other. we try to fill in the tiny spaces in between the hushed and rushed moments every day and are still at it. like just right now he got up to see me on the balcony writing and he got me my sweater 🙂

one thing that cheers us three equally is our new car. there’s a bond instantly and papa beta both are thrilled! the journeys are always blissful and rejuvenating ! he has his dl test today and i know he wd fare pretty well. he picked up on driving just in a month and drives with such control and stead. I, on other hand have resumed but need to put in more efforts 😉 but enjoying nonetheless 🙂 especially the giggles!

i love him so much and i haven’t been able to tell him that one bit since so long.

i try to catch him dancing or laughing or giggling with buddha..

they make such a fun pair my boys !!

love u guys ! u r my world !

big hugs and deep kisses…

Good morning and Happy new year !!

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Sizzling Brownie#80 : When my earring goes missing..

This is When.

This time it was bit different. Yeah, 7 years of marriage does that i guess!

Well, we were returning from a friend’s house late in the night, actually well after midnight it was around 2 a.m. by the time we reached home and as i was unwinding for the night, i found out that one of my earrings was missing. I had worn them for the first time. Sweet small happy spicy ones, mom had picked those up someday just for me. And somewhere it tugged at my heart to miss it. I just plainly announced it to hubby..’mera earring kahin gir gaya’..  Continue reading “Sizzling Brownie#80 : When my earring goes missing..”