Sizzling Brownie#77: that smile bowls me over..over and over..

Yesterday late night we were watching random movies (me on the sofa, hubby resting his back along it). Just as one got over and we were flipping channels for more, there was this ‘leatherheads’ movie and we had no idea about it. In a while this gorgeously handsome, ‘grey sideburns’ guy named George Clooney appears on screen and I scream aloud (because I love this man soooo much) Ooooooooooohhhhhhh this man….
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Sizzling Brownie#76: We go on and on…


That’s what i have been feeling all these days…i have come back to my page time and again… staring at the blank page…at my lovely ‘my dear u’ and unable to pen down the emotions at all…anyone happened to visit this page in between must have seen the weird and regular changes in the theme at least…hehe…thought that wd inspire…but na…sometimes life is just too sublime…beautiful or hard either ways…its just too sublime and ethereal…that fills u up…ur soul…each bit of ur hair follicles…so much that you are it ! you are the life you are living ! and you got to make the most of it ! learn to swim…and then enjoy the swim…. :) :) Continue reading