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love note #1: The first time he sneaked into my heart !

It was one of those few times he called.He studied at a different college than mine,in the neighbouring state .But he always made it a point to call me up whenever he was back in town,our hometown.It was one such time when  he had called.We updated each other with all the general stuff happening in our lives,our studies,common friends,new friends maybe..etc etc.Those days calls between us were rare,short and happy ones with usual pleasantries exchanged.But talking to him always made me feel nice.Even in school,though it were our  respective ‘then’ best friends who did most of the talking,but just being in his company had a good feeling about it,with the usual discussion being the intelligent,academic,sincere type. 

So,this day also a call from him was a good surprise,obviously a happy one and was about to be a short one too,when just before i hung up..he softly said.. ‘It’s my birthday today’ !

…..and i screamed out aloud… “ohh that’s what i was wondering all day through..what am i missing/forgetting !!” I wished him a very very ‘Happy Birthday’ and let him know how happy he made me by letting me wish him.

He made me feel so special that day.And long before i knew, he had already sneaked into my heart 🙂 🙂

9 thoughts on “love note #1: The first time he sneaked into my heart !

  1. Awww. shoo shweet.
    Honestly, I died of shame when a good friend had to remind me that it was his b’day.
    But you gave it such a sweet romantic look.

    I love you for your blog. 🙂


    1. Oooh…Thank u so very much for visiting my blog..and commenting !! Urs is the special first comment 🙂 I have just started this blog and i have lots to share 🙂 🙂 …hope u come back…would love to hear from u.Thank u so much ! Have a great day !


    1. Oh My god !! I just saw u have actually posted about us !! Thank u Thank u sooo much !! It’s just so overwhelming !! Thanks for ur lovely gesture ! We are really touched !! Hope to see u again.. Cheers !!
      Have a great day !!


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