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love note #2: Walking aimlessly..

The first time in my life i did that was when my best friend came over to meet me,across borders.There were no plans except to meet…at the station…and thereafter…nothing decided.But later we knew He had a much bigger plan for us 🙂 🙂

That morning first time in my life i went to receive a boy at the station.He had reached there by 5.30am but insisted would wait for me right there until i come to receive him which could only be possible at around 8.30 am.When i finally reached ,catching up with my breath,as i impatiently scanned the milling crowd…a familiar face with a gentle smile locked my eyes (and heart and mind for a few secs 😉 ) Then we hired a taxi and asked to be dropped off at one of the busiest market places.Only that,by the time we reached,we realized any shop had hardly opened !! But strangely we didn’t care 🙂 We walked on and on..moving along the straight roads…and bending at corners we willed… 

It was all so lovely.As the day bloomed with the sun smiling at us…shops started opening one by one.And it was all so fun! Just walking…..observing the morning scenes…breathing in the fresh sun…and then…obviously…the warm aroma of the morning tea 🙂 Walking for how much time we don’t know…how many miles we don’t know…but side by side…and enjoying…we finally felt a bit hungry..and right then we saw this huge coffee shop around the corner and stepped in with our happy faces.And there before i knew, i was sitting across the table with my best buddy,sitting across the table alone with a boy for the first time in my life.

That carefree happy walk that started that morning…repeated itself the day after too…and led to our walk hand in hand for life !!

3 thoughts on “love note #2: Walking aimlessly..

    1. Thank u dear !! Yea,it was really all so beautiful…and those two days still remain sooo special to us..the first walk together 🙂 🙂
      Glad u stopped by to share ur sweet thoughts !
      Hope i would see u more often 🙂
      Take Care.Have a great day !


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