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love note #4: The mails and the calls…behind it all !

Anyone in love would definitely speak of the endless calls and of  the loving mails.For us,the trend and sequence went something like this..

  • In school- no calls,no idea of mails.
  • In high school-a call a year maybe..when he was in town.No mails.
  • Graduation-nothing significant except a wonderful birthday greeting card from him.
  • Post-graduation 1st year/pre-job – reaching out through 2 or 3 e-cards,few random mails maybe twice half-yearly,an imp call for a get-together of  common school friends..
  • Thereafter,a few calls and a one to one meeting at my place discussing his potential love wrt  another girl..
  • A long coincidental midnight chat when he was very upset..and somehow talking to me made him feel quite better 🙂 I made sure he did 😉 Then he left for his job in another city..
  • Much awaited call on the 2nd day of his job…detailing the day,the experience and the big city culture..
  • Keeping in touch through mails..
  • Daily mails…checking my inbox more frequently and more eagerly…
  • Two-three mails/day.. 🙂 🙂
  • One day,he called and after our usual talk,we hung up.And then guess what? He called up immediately again and simply said… “just felt like” 🙂 That was the first time he had done that 😉
  • Then i had to go for a 10 day training course in my subject..n guess what…on his insistence and just so that he doesn’t miss them(..n me)..i actually wrote 10 mails in advance..imagining how my each day would go !!!
  • Crazeeeeeeeee but good fun…and though he enjoyed those each day,but he did somewhere miss me enough to call me up…daily 😉
  • Soon after i was back from my training,i had to go back on my project of 3 months and during that time,i was kind of reclaiming,regaining and reshaping myself and my life.I had shut myself up practically from all my friends and extended family.Strangely enough, even then,the only person i talked to everyday,besides my family,was him. No reason,no necessities…but he called me everyday..and i waited to hear from him everyday…sharing details of the day.Hearing from him,his voice, made me comfortable,made me happy,made me feel good…and he felt the same too.
  • On one such call,discussing his forthcoming visit back home after 10 months, i mischievously tempted him with “Do u want me to come over there (our hometown ) and meet for 2 hrs or u wanna come over here and meet for 2 days ?? ” 😉 😉
  • And much to my surprise,that actually did it !! He actually came over to meet me !!
  • And thereafter… “the walking aimlessly“…which ultimately led to the most imp call of our lives 😀 😀

4 thoughts on “love note #4: The mails and the calls…behind it all !

  1. Awwww……. your posts keep getting more and more awwwwww-ing ( if that’s a word :p)
    Love your blog. And tell ur hubby from my side that he is one hell of a romantic man. 🙂


    1. Ha Ha…we read this ‘compliment’ of urs together and burst out laughing…Thanks for giving me another sweet chance to see him blush 😉 Love to hear from u 🙂 Enjoy !


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