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love note #5: The “friendly” meetings that sparked the calls !

How does one jump from a ‘no call’ zone to the ‘calling’ zone ?? There must be something in between 😉 For us,what did the trick was 2 simple ‘friendly’ meetings.

  • The first one was just after my graduation, on my best friend’s sister’s marriage.She,being a good friend to many,we were all looking forward to a get-together of all our close friends at the event.What i had not expected was his call ! The evening before the ‘marriage’ day,he called me up and asked me when i was coming? Oh my God …that in itself   ‘was a first-timer’ ! Further,when i detailed out my plan for the next day,he insisted “why can’t u come earlier??” [ what? was he really saying that? ] I just laughed it off and said “u would be having ur best friend already there with u”.To that came his prompt reply… “but he would be busy on his own…i would feel alone…please come early..” Ohh my God…i was just beyond surprise..what is he saying..why is he was all so strange…very strange…but..felt good u know 😉 😀

The next evening i actually saw to it that i reach the venue early.He wasn’t there.My best friend was real busy.But a few of my close friends were there already so we all sat down to happy “long time no see” chats.

But, strangely, i found myself looking at the entrance gate again n again..

Strangely, … i was waiting for him….

And then,late into the evening,he finally turned up,with the other boys of our class.As they came in,we all walked towards them to greet everybody.And just then, in the flash of a moment, as our eyes caught up, i instantly gestured towards my watch…and he clutched his ears uttering “sorry sorry sorry” !! 🙂 🙂 That was all so spontaneous and sweet that i almost burst out laughing..

  • The second meeting was at the get-together i have mentioned in my last post.It was a small party celebrating the job placements of 3 of our engineering friends,including him.That day my mood was somewhat off as i had heard about some undue comments from good friends.Anyways,when i reached the restaurant, i saw him first, waiting outside…wow he looked so handsome 😉 Then as we waited for other friends to gather up , i could see he could sense my disturbance. Even though another friend was constantly chattering with him, he was hardly responding, stealing concerned glances at me. [ I could know that 😉 ]

As the party caught up full swing,with everyone taking  ‘teasing’ snaps with loads of food in front of  one another..he simply passed on a ‘beetroot’ rose from the salad plate to mine…in front of everyone !! …and the laughter continued  🙂

Then after the eating part was over, he circulated his scrapbook for all of us to fill in sweet comments about him 🙂 When it reached me..i jotted down my ‘great’ thoughts.There’s one in particular which he still teases me about..

His Quesn: Where do u see me in 10 years from now?

My Ans: Happily settled with your cricket team 😉

[ This was in 2004… and that reminds us…it’s time we start planning for the team Captain 😉 ]

That would sum it all i guess 😀 😀

P.S. There was this group photo after the 2nd party..and today when i asked hubby over chat , “were u standing behind me in that snap?” He replied saying.. “Maybe, don’t remember , but i guess i would have done that 🙂  bcos i always did so 🙂 even in the school bus line 😉  “


9 thoughts on “love note #5: The “friendly” meetings that sparked the calls !

  1. Aww. Aww. Awwwwwwwwwww.

    Why don’t you post a romantic pic (U rated :p ) of you and your hubby. That would be wonderful., Just an idea.

    Takce care. Keep smiling. Keep loving. Keep sharing.


      1. Awwwwwwwww that’s so sweeeeeeet ! Ye i could get that “U rated” 🙂
        ..we are just a bit shy as of now..but would keep this in mind..and upload someday soon i guess 🙂
        Tell ur sis “Thanks” from our side and give her a tight squeeze 🙂
        XOXO to u both 🙂


  2. Reading this post gave me butterflies in my stomach, like the once i use to have when I first met my boyfriend 🙂 It was just so cute, what you wrote.
    I just love reading your blog, as you might have noticed 😉 Thank you for the comments on my blog, they were really sweet!

    Have a great day!


    1. Hey dear,I am so glad u could relate to this post.Well..such butterflies are just so special…make one fall in love all over again 😀
      Love to hear from u…
      I was wondering if and how i could trackback/ pingback ur post about us to my ‘About US’ page.
      Thanks so much for reading and loving my blog 🙂
      Cheers !!


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