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love note #6: I just called to say…

“I Love U” ??…well yes…but only in so many other words…other expressions 🙂 These calls  were during our ‘ becoming best friends’ days and need a special mention..u will know why 😉

  • On having a mobile phone, when no one knows my number yet, first message to the first person..

me : Hi He-man !

He calls ! 

  • On April 19th @ 23:56 hrs …

he : “Happy Birthday !!”

me: Thank u 🙂  But it’s not 00:00 hrs yet !

he: I know, just wanted to be the first to wish.

me:  🙂



me : there are calls on wait..

he : ok u carry on…talk to them all..i will call again after 20 mins..Happy Birthday !

after 20 mins…

he : so who all wished?

me : ‘this’ ‘this’ ‘this’…

…..random talks…with me standing in my balcony under the moonlit sky…talking to him…for the first time on my bday night…He made it special again : )

Calls while my stay in another city for my project..

  • One late night around 23:40 hrs..checking if  he has reached home…

me : where are u? ( noticing a romantic Hindi song “Saanson ko saanson main.. from Hum Tum” playing in the background )

he : in cab.

me : not home yet ? why so late??

he : had lot of work..

me : (on hearing a lady’s voice).. who is the girl with u?

he : is ‘someone’ …

me : what ‘someone’ ? who is she?

he : 😀 …my project lead..

me : she is also coming with u so late (obviously !! )

he : yea..

me : and the romantic song playing on…

he : in the cab my dear 🙂

me : ok..u take care n sms me when home..

he : ok.bye.

just after i hung up… i sms him ” Is she Married ?? ” [ HA HA HA ]

his reply : i won’t say 🙂

me : why not

he : first u tell why did u ask 😉

[…me…. wonder…blush…stupid…questions…awkward !! ]

  • One fine early afternoon…called him all excited…

me : it’s such lovely weather here !!

he : really?

me :’s coool and windy…may rain..

he : wow..

me : i feel like having an ice-cream with u !!!

he : one ice-cream ?? 😉


  • On a short trip back home, i had just reached n papa mummy sis had come to pick me up from the station… in car..with me sitting at the front seat…by papa’s side…

His call !!

he : reached well?

me : yes

he : now in car?

me : yes

he : papa driving ?

me : yes

he : it’s lovely weather here…

me : hmm…

he : (deliberately)..and i’m enjoying a walk… and…

me : ok bye.

  • Now, back to worktown….on one of the daily ‘how did ur day go’ call….halfway through my friend started teasing me..

“who is calling…who is calling”…………

he : who is that

me : ‘friend’s name’

he : what is she telling…

me : moving the phone near to her so that he can hear…

he : apparently very irritated.. “ tell her na..”

me : what?

he : tell her it’s ur school friend !

…not much talk after that…n the lurking question..”why did u he get so upset ” 🙂

  • A call from my closest friend…my soul sister…who knows me in n out…and knows every detail 🙂  In middle of  a long talk..

she : he seems to be a good guy

me : yea he is !

she : so?

me : so??

she : he is ur best friend too..

me : yes…so?

she : why don’t u tell him?

me : what?

she : ok,just tell me,if he proposes u,will u tell ‘YES’ ??

me : …. YES .

  • The evening before he came to meet me…

he : I’m taking tonight’s train

me : what? but u just reached home yesterday

he : yea, so? i have told at home

me : but tickets?

he : not confirmed yet..but i’ll come sitting all night even if i don’t get a ticket..

me : what? but…

he : nothing more..I’m Coming !

………..heartbeats in the ear…butterflies  in the stomach……..!!! what’s happening???

9 thoughts on “love note #6: I just called to say…

  1. I don’t know what’s with me.. i logged into my system two hours ago and since then have been waiting eagerly for the email notification of your today’s post.
    It’s finally here, and yet again it’s shooooo shweet. Soul friends like the one you mentioned, I just love them… they know u better than u know yourselves so many times.

    @your hubby – you truly are one of the few truly romantic guys i have heard of ( but not better than my boyfriend*)

    *this statement is based on sheer bias. 😀

    Take care both of you.


    1. Aww…so nice of u to wait that long 🙂 Thank u dear 🙂 n yea i feel blessed to have such a loving hubby and a darling soul friend ! She doesn’t know of this blog yet as she just shifted to UK and hasn’t been able to get internet connection yet.
      And wow…great to know of ur boyfriend !! The bias is well understood and applicable both ways 😉
      Maybe i’ll get hubby to reply on that 😉

      btw…i wait for ur comments too.. 🙂

      Enjoy ur day ! Take care !


  2. Ooohhh how I remember those calls… Me and my BF had kind of the same, so nice. When you hear the phone ring and every time you’re secretly hoping it will be him.. 🙂 So cute!


    1. Awww that’s great !!! Now you must share some of your special moments with us too…on the Love Tweets page…please !!! Would love to know more of it !!!


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