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love note #8 : Walking aimlessly – Day 2

Last night I could not sleep….there were a thousand questions on my mind…so many that they left no space to squeeze in a single answer…but i knew i was so happy by his side…n why??…n why am i so restless now…why isn’t it morning yet….when will this night end…i just want to see him again…….

n somewhere the questions…laid me off to a brief sleep…

I got up at around 5:30 am the next morning…it was still dark outside…never had i been up so early i guess…willingly 😉 

Tiptoeing around the room…careful not to disturb my room mate…i  collected my stuff..took a quick shower…wore my favorite dress of white and lilac…and dressed myself up a bit [ if u count wearing ur fav earrings, moisturising ur hands n feet n applying lip balm as that 😉 ] and then i waited…i had thought maybe it would take him sometime to reach this far..but i wished not…

…. just when my phone started ringing !!!

And he said he is here already…at 6:40 am  in the morning !! I didn’t have to think how he made it so early…because all i knew is i don’t need to wait anymore…all i need is to rush out of the door !!…n zap i went !

As i walked down the road,i calmed myself down…my steps ahead of heart warding off my baffling eyes fixed in one direction.It was a lovely cool morning and was going to be a great one ! I saw him…there standing tall..his face towards i got closer…actually his gaze fixed at me….i smiled…but couldn’t look him in his eyes…those steps in between were melting me down..with me captured in his look.Finally i made it…reached him.He looked [his usual] handsome in a blue tee and jeans.We smiled…and started walking again 🙂 🙂

We were walking down the same roads i travel everyday to my lab…but the whole air and world around me seemed so different suddenly..I showed him my university…and then we went to the Birla Temple nearby.Since we had a bag-pack with us and the lockers were not available that early i guess,and with the bag not allowed inside we couldn’t go inside together.That kinda pinched a bit and we had to take turns going inside.I went in first while he waited outside with the bag.That day all i prayed is..maybe the first time in many many years..that “if we are to come together for life then we will come together here again today evening “.When i went out i saw him scribbling something onto a small folded paper.Then he went inside as i took care of the bag outside 🙂 When he came,we took a cab to Victoria Memorial.He handed me the note asking me to read it only after he left.[ummmm…that was kinda hard] Once in the park,we decided against going much inside and settled ourselves on a bench adjoining the lake with a lovely view of the monument.

As we sat silently observing the cool beautiful morning and people jogging around us…the first thing he asked is.. “how come u came here to meet me..” that i promptly replied… “how come u came over so far  from Cuttack, to meet me here..”…silence tried to answer….

Then,after a while the most surprising thing happened !!! It rained !!!! Out of the blue…just like that…without a trace of cloud or a whiff of air suggesting it would…it just rained !! Just like that !! It started pouring !! [Remember how we always wanted it to rain when we meet and have an ice-cream 😉 ] But as of  then,things were getting a bit awkward…with one umbrella in hand 😉 First i held out the umbrella while we sat…but then we had to close in a bit..and then bit more…but it was getting uncomfortable 🙂 so we stood up..and tried shifting below a tree [ The typical Bollywood scene running on ur mind makes it even more awkward and embarrassing !] but the drops from the tree were actually bigger..and we saw some people running to take shelter inside the monument which was quite some distance from where we were standing…but we decided to go for it to avoid any further drenching or closing in and especially the awkwardness thereof ! And as we rushed,running under one umbrella was obviously impossible 😀 so i kinda somewhere handed it to him as i made my way splashing through the pebbled lane leading to the monument.[ I love rain and love splashing !! ]Now once under the shelter,catching up my breath when i turned around for him, i couldn’t see him !! There were again strange faces around..with some peering at me…when i finally found his face..and in a look he understood…and squeezed his way through the crowd between us to be standing behind me. 🙂 🙂

When the rain stopped we had no option but to head back…and i wondered is the day already over?? Just like this? To my delight, as we got into the cab,he said “u go and change your dress while i will wait outside for u..and then we will see..” and i guess my face must have told him i got my favorite toffee !! 😀

Once all that was done,we went to have lunch at a nearby restaurant.That time though i didn’t feel like it was the first time i was having lunch with a boy alone 🙂 At lunch,i found myself serving him..and in the middle of it i noticed him not refilling his plate until i did it for him !!

[What?] [Later,i knew he had felt very happy when i had done that ( a first time for him too ) and so had deliberately waited for me to refill his plate 🙂 ]

After lunch,we had nowhere planned to go, so we went back to Victoria again !!! [Doing things the crazy way..maybe the first signs ;)]

Sitting inside, he gave me a Dairy Milk  chocolate[… and the question.. ]…but answer was clear…we broke it into half and shared it that way 🙂 Next i found him pondering hard over something and on asking…he said am thinking about u…[ ??? ]I asked  “what about me ?? ” He said…. “about all my friends…n then about u..” ..On further nudging [ the way i am with him always 😉 ]…he said ” Thee are so many things going through my mind..but i don’t know………..” After a silent moment in between…i found myself saying..  “I think I know what I Want ” … [ !!!!!! ]

We made space on our bench for two old men…which then gradually became a group of  old men..n now we were  being squeezed again to an ‘awkward’ closeness..and so we decided to start off from there..and guess where we went…to my PG…only to drop off his bag-pack..have some water…and head straight to…..the temple !!!

There we were together inside the temple,climbing the steps together…standing side by side praying together…and i had never felt such a peace within 🙂 We sat in the temple compound for quite sometime…about an hour or more…watching the kids running and playing…the people praying…and watching everything togather…yes…we were there together…and there was no more any question on my mind…or in my heart…it was just a never found before calmness…a free-flowing happy peace within and around me…and i was settled…for life…i knew..n i didn’t need to tell myself anything…just i could know…HE had told me…HE is with us… [ Later i knew he had prayed the same as me that morning 🙂 ]

After those moments…i was just so quiet…as we walked back to my PG…he would soon drop me off and leave…for his train back home…

As we walked…i said… “why are u walking so fast…” “…..please walk slow…i don’t want this to end……………”

12 thoughts on “love note #8 : Walking aimlessly – Day 2

  1. You made me wait a lot today. 😦
    But totally worth the wait,
    if this is a word then , romanticest,,,,,, 🙂

    and it would be ‘but’ not ‘ nut’ ……… “nut i don’t know”.

    Take care. Keep loving


    1. Oops i had that in mind but just missed it !! Thanks for pointing out 🙂
      n sorry for making u wait but it’s weekend and he is at home so u see 😉

      Have a great day !


      1. Oh if that’s the reason I could wait all day… spend your time with him…

        And something I was thinking of yesterday, just another idea: he could add a post here, once in a while… if you both so wish.

        Take care. Enjoy your weekend.
        And I can understand the weekend posts being late ( a late morning after a late night) 😉


  2. I am a novice to blogging…but this seems like the best start one can ever have….have to tell you I was very anxious to read your next post…..but seems like you are gonna make me wait a little more….;)


    1. Hey dear…its so nice to hear from u 🙂 Sometimes I even get tempted to post twice a day…but i guess the wait makes it better 😉 Have a great day ! Cheers !!


    1. Well..yea..that wasn’t really a “date” but i guess couldn’t have asked for more ;)and the actual “date” is soon to be so remain tuned in :)Nice to hear from u !
      Have a great day !


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