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love note #13: The Call of Love !!

( My phone rang and my heart skipped many a beats as my hand shivered to pick up his call ! 

I took a deep breath bracing myself up for what was next and said ‘Haan’… )

As she said “haan”…my heart sank further and all my solid preparations went down with it…I started.. “May be” ….

…and then stumbled…hesitated..

( Holding onto my breath i waited….He took a moment before he uttered “Maybe…” ) 

But realized that this was the do or die moment.. and buckled up all the courage I ever had, I asked her :

(and then immediately brushing that off …he said..)

“Do you mind coming to a Telugu family???”

“Let me put it straightforwardly….Do u mind coming to My family ???”

(My hand covered my wide open mouth..i just couldn’t believe he was actually saying me ! I was holding back a bursting laughter and  my breath…letting it all sink in…revelling in what i just heard…and soon i realised i needed to answer that 😉 that he is waiting on the other  side holding his breath…and i found myself replying him back immediately… )

There was a long pause on the other side..And within that mind had wandered through a thousand thoughts..may be she is angry or surprised..may be a Yes.. or may be a clear No..may be this n that..

And then I heard her voice,

“If it’s only about me, I don’t mind !!”

And there I was.. so relieved..overly joy’ at peace..

And there !! with those words…in those few secs…in that very moment…we had set everything free…our hearts and minds and souls were now free and One…and all we could manage was laugh and laugh and laugh…..with the joy of ‘our’ life…of ‘our’ newfound Love 😀 😀

…and from that moment on…till my last breath and beyond…i remain ever so grateful to him to have asked me that question…to have taken me as his own…to have reached out to hold my hand as his forever…to have made ‘us’……

…and from that time onwards, i remain ever so grateful to her to have accepted me…to have let her hand in mine… to have held on to me all through…Day in and out, I feel lucky to have her with me…With her, today I am a better person than what I was..  


I Love UU Jaanuu….tooo much…+1…


15 thoughts on “love note #13: The Call of Love !!

  1. When reading this the hairs on my arms just stood up! It was so amazing, so cute and sweet.

    True love, that’s all I can say! 🙂


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