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love note #14 : Special Thanks !

At this point we would like to mention about and thank our dear friends who have their individual important contribution in our coming together 🙂

Dear Friend P : Thank u so much for going with me to the station to receive him,to sit at the front seat of the taxi so that we could sit at the back one,to leave us alone saying u had to visit ur friend,to insist on and on that it will ‘ not rain’ , to have helped us anyway be our Magic continue to be there for us.P we are lucky to have u as ‘our’ special friend !! ( Also,to have enjoyed sharing an umbrella with me…to be the ‘wrong person’ at the right time 😉 ) 

Dear friend M: Thank u so much for sharing every smile and frown of those 3 months of our project-time together,for giving ur every bit of teasing and tugging forcing me into innumerable questions that led me to the final blessed answer of my life,to have shared my first reaction after the proposal as u entered our room and read my expression too well to shout aloud in sheer happiness,to have become ‘our’ darling friend !!

Dear friend G: Thank u for ur continuous insistence that it’s something more than ‘friendship’, for wishing me on friendship day when i hardly even knew u, for inadvertently pushing my hubby towards me  and for being ‘our’ wonderful friend forever !!

Dear friend S : I can just never thank u enough but lemme say it this once..thanks for being there for me…for us…through all thick n thin !

We are really lucky in having u all and also the very  important N,I,Sh,Ra,Ro,A,Pr n Pr…

These are the angels who have  so lovingly graduated from my/his friend to ‘our’ the most probable ‘family friends’ …nonetheless our friends for life !!!

Thanks for being a part of us…for u in us !!

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