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love note #15: The first “I Love UU”

One fine day on one of our ‘sweet nothing’ calls..we chatted and chatted and chatted…as usual…for loooong…till my siblings playing some board game with me got irritated enough with my loss of concentration in the game 😉 and urged me to hang up the call asap ! Just when i was about to do so…he grabbed back my attention in a flash with “Jaan…”

…and with my “Hmm…” came his … “I LOVE UU”…. 

..and my heart beat a skip…and i couldn’t breathe a moment..cautious of not disturbing the sweetest sound ever…the instant ‘Butterflies’ in my stomach..the very feel of that eternal moment in which those words had taken shape from the bottom of  his heart…when my man said “I LOVE UU” for the first time  !!

The first time on 28th Aug 2005…exactly 12 days after the day he had proposed me !!

..and before i could catch my breath in between all this hush and rush of hormones…i heard him smile and say “U don’t need to rush it..I can wait”…

..but i didn’t want him to wait !! I didn’t want to let this moment pass without he hearing it from me..without he feeling the same exhilarating way as i did right then…and so [after sneaking away from my siblings] pat came those words from me for the love of my life… “I LOVE UU”….

And  since then till today 90% of what he talks daily is “I Love UU” 😀 and am sooooooooo lucky for that !!!

10 thoughts on “love note #15: The first “I Love UU”

  1. That was so sweet! To hear someone say I love you for the first time really is something special and amazing! And it’s nice to know that you still say it everyday, think that is so important in a relationship 🙂

    have a great day, both of you 😉


    1. Thank u Frida ! To be honest initially i used to think that it’s common between every couple to be saying ‘I Love U’ this often but now i know it’s so rare and special to be hearing/saying that so many times each day 😀 Actually i have learnt to decipher his ‘I Love U’s according to various situations 😉

      Love to hear from u..Have fun !!


  2. Isn’t that the best feeling in the World? It’s hard for a guy to say the initial ” I love you’s” but once they do, there’s no stopping them from saying it everyday. It shows that he’s now comfortable with his feelings for you, and that’s one great step for both of you. I wish you both an amazing relationship full of love , adventure and happiness.


    1. Yes,i absolutely agree with u ! It feels so special everytime we hear/say those words 🙂 🙂
      Thank u so much for ur lovely wishes..really mean a lot to us !
      Have a great day…nice to hear from u 🙂


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