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love note #16: Moms know best !

Now came the time to tell our parents about us..and it had to be moms first obviously as we knew that once they approved of us, they could then convince the dads and the rest of family !

For me it became lot more easier because of my darling little sister.She makes sure she is always kept updated about my life with anything and everything,important or not.She being just a year younger to me we are more of friends so sharing and trusting her with this important development came very naturally to me.Once that was done,she did the rest of the talking needed 🙂 One evening as mummy,me and she were enjoying lighthearted conversations  over our evening tea, suddenly my sis blurted out “Mummy,there’s something important to tell u..about ur would be first son-in-law !” and with that mom seemed a bit confused..and my sis cleared the air with “It’s [jaanuu’s name] !!” and with that came mom’s prompt reply “Oh yes, I know that !!!” and i found myself happily shocked as my sis giggled away…and i blurted out .. “But how could u ever know when even i wasn’t sure till recently ” and Mom replied with.. “I just knew..since when u told me he is coming to meet u” “Also,years back when he sometimes came with ur other friends to visit u i always thought he is such a nice boy..maybe u both could be together in future..” She said she had this fleeting thought in her heart years back and this time when she heard from me that he was going over to meet me she could see why 🙂 🙂 I was just too happy,stunned and surprised to speak another word.My sister was laughing out loud as we all hugged each other happily and i kissed mom hard on her gentle cheek…

For him, it required another important phone call as now he was back for work in Bangalore.He called his home,as decided,on Ganesh Chaturthi ( a very auspicious day and especially so for good beginnings).He summoned for Amma (his mom)..and the conversation went like this..

He: “I need to talk to u”

Amma : “Yes dear,tell me what happened?”

He: “I like somebody”

Amma: “Oh..[my name ] ?”

He : “Yes !!!” [ His happiness knew no bounds !! ]

Amma: “Yea..don’t worry..we have no problem with that…just u both be happy always..that’s all we want .”

And…with that we were convinced it’s all HIS great plan for us 🙂 🙂

We thank HIM to have blessed us with such wonderful parents and bros/sisters.

We thank our parents for Everything !! We thank our lovely bro/sis for all their love and support and being there for us and making every step easier and smoother.God Bless All.

8 thoughts on “love note #16: Moms know best !

  1. It’s great to have understanding parents…. my boyfriend is a pahadi rajput, and I am a non rajput (the rules for marriage are very strict in rajputs)… however, our parents agreed instantly to us being together…… my mother’s reaction when I told her I was with him was, “Thank God, I was starting to get worried that you weren’t in love yet…chalo ab photo dikhao”… and to be honest I was so shocked that it didn’t register for a day or so.

    Great post. Loved to read it…. and though it’s all already done but still…….. YIPEE!! Your parents agreed.:D


  2. WOW !!!! so nice to know that !! and ur mom’s reaction really made me smile with happiness..could relate how u must have felt ! God bless u both n ur lovely family 🙂 Cheers !!


  3. Very cute story. It’s funny how Moms always knows things before we do 🙂 It must be some sixth sense or something 😉 Still we always feel a bit nervous about telling them things like this. I agree with you that it’s a lot better to tell Moms first and than they can persuade the Dad 🙂
    Take care! XOXO


    1.’s just so amazing to realize that our parents know us so much better than we do..before we do 🙂 And at such important points in life when nervous anticipations are at a peak,it’s such a relief that they know us the way they do and entrust us with their blessings and unconditional love as ever. 🙂 🙂

      Love to hear from u..


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