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love note #17: The noticeably changed me !

Ask my friends and they would vouch for that !!! Specially M,I,N and P.We all did our Masters together so when we all were back to resuming our classes after completing our respective projects they were the first to notice !!! Even before I did ! M,I and N alongwith me were Gr. II (practical class groupings) of our class and so we spent all our day together and have been the best of  friends since then.And P has known me 3 yrs prior to that even. So all these beautiful people didn’t leave any chance to make me blush and hush and rush 🙂 🙂 making me come face to face with the lovely changes in me and my life and in the air with love brimming everywhere 😉 

The first  few noticeable changes to all around and me were :

  • My phone kept ringing or beeping every 5 mins
  • I was glued to my phone
  • I was found sneaking into corners of corridors and empty classrooms
  • I was suddenly asking to alert me of teachers
  • My wardrobe underwent a complete makeover from black,grey and white to yellow,green,blue,orange !
  • There was music in the air and blooms wherever i looked and
  • Buffaloes were suddenly not black anymore !!
[ Thankfully though all these didn’t affect my grades as I could top my class again 😉 ]

6 thoughts on “love note #17: The noticeably changed me !

  1. The first time when someone notices the changes…. magical……
    Your poor hubby must have had long bills those days (mobile)…………..

    At times, it slips my mind that you two are married and that this is all past being related… the way you relate it, it seems as if it happened just a few days back from when you are relating it………….

    Take care..


    1. Thanks Jo 🙂 Yea..the bills were getting long but couldn’t care any less 😉
      And yes it feels just like a few days back…all so fresh and new…and thus this blog 😉 Glad that u could feel it too 🙂

      Love to hear from u 😀
      Enjoy ur day !


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