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love note #18: The first meeting after the proposal !

He proposed me over phone on 16th Aug 2005 and we met next on 11th Jan 2006.

His train that day from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar was running late and he kept me updated calling at stations en-route.It was all planned how and where to meet him.My soul sister S would pick me up from home and we would go to the nearby bakery shop.It was just gonna be a short meet-up before he rushes home.I had told him to go home first and then meet me in the evening but he had insisted he had to see me first anyhow. 

He called after reaching Bhubaneswar and settling himself in the express bus for Cuttack. With all sorts of time calculations, S finally reached my place to pick me up.And as we had ample time we decided to walk a while before hiring a rickshaw.And I was such a scene !!! I had never been sweating that much,my heart had never been racing that much,I wasn’t more clumsy ever..dropping my purse, stumbling at every next step and what not!And my darling friend was enjoying all the amusement and the messed up me.Irritated with myself  I kept blurting out “what’s wrong with me??I’m just going to meet my best buddy…I know him since I was 10…and what’s with me now…WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL !!!”

After a while as we stood in front of the bakery shop,he called and said “I can see U”…and I went numb ! S could know from my expression and spotted him first in the distance.I could not still see where he was and when I did…I couldn’t just look at him.[ WHAT !!!]I stole glances at him as he crossed the road and walked towards us.When he reached us S did all the happy excited talking while I could manage just a smile and we all entered the shop.We bought some pastries for us and settled at a corner to make space for other customers.And then the awful silence…the ‘melting me’ silence.The scene was like this…we 3 standing with a pastry each in our hands,my head down studying every colour and intricacies of the orange pastry…S trying her best from bursting out laughing…and my dear Jaanuu standing right by me with his gaze fixed straight at me..My God !! How do I and where do I sneak out from this gaze!There were beads forming on my forehead in that air-conditioned shop.It was as if everything around had blurred out…just his ‘melting me’ gaze and her teasing smile all fixating me,my breath,my heart but not my…fidgeting hands…and plopped went my spoon…in all that clumsy confusion !! And as I bent to pick it up and ask for another I realised everyone in the shop were actually holding back their smiles ! Oh God !! Where could I go??And those two had hardly touched their pastries i knew i need to do something to change this scene…and i looked up in his eyes…and oh God !!! I can never forget that look in my life…it wasn’t my best friend staring at me anymore…it was my love…my boyfriend…drilling his eyes straight into my heart !! And i found my eyes locked with his for a few moments in absolute awe,wonder and amazement till I was shaken by S’s nudge just when a handsome smile played across his lips…

And then after a while as me n S were about to board the rickshaw back home..he came behind me and called me in the sweetest sound ever.. “Jaan” and I gasped, my step freezing in thin air and I couldn’t make myself look back to face him…but he could know that he had reached me and continued.. “Take care”…I nodded in assurance…boarded the rickshaw and turned back to see him and there he stood handsome,happy and satisfied..his gaze still fixed at me,  and his smile boyfriend-ly 😉 🙂


8 thoughts on “love note #18: The first meeting after the proposal !

    1. I can imagine u in that situation..u couldn’t have helped blurting out…stroking ur fake goatee.. “Oh my my…someone is staring at u…itne pyaar se..u know” 😉 Would have made it lot easier i guess…he he he..


  1. Oh how I remember that time, the clumsiness… I had that too.
    Didn’t know you spent so much time apart. That must have been really hard. Cs it’s in the beginning that you want to be with that person 24-7.
    Am still loving your story, hope it never ends 😉


    1. 😀 Thanks Frida.Yea it’s always hard staying apart but actually it was kind of ok till i met him after the proposal…it became unbearable when he had to leave for work after that.Well then that saw an increase in his visits back home though around 3-4 times a year ! Kind of hard it was !

      And I guess love is beyond all endings 😉
      Love to hear from u !!


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