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love note #19: The first date !

When he was in town..i had to anyhow meet him everyday..just couldn’t come to bear the knowledge that he is just a few mins “Away” !!So we tried our best and every possible way to meet everyday[This was when I actually started telling those innocent mandatory life-saving love beckoning lies 😉 ] So,after the small fleeting nervous rendezvous yesterday at the bakery shop,today we were meeting for lunch !! And guess what?? It had not yet sunk in that it was actually going to be the ‘official date’ ! On my way even i was constantly chitchatting with him over phone…just like always 🙂 And it was only when i saw him standing in front of the restaurant (‘Suryakiran’) that my heart started the same ‘familiar’ racing !! When i reached him, i nervously held out a red rose to him.He smiled and eagerly took it 🙂 🙂

As we walked inside the dining area,i noticed we were the only guests..[luckily some elderly couple and another family came in later]

Then it was when i pulled out a chair opposite to his,that he stopped me saying… “now we should be sitting on the same side of the table !!” I did as told but found myself wondering within wouldn’t i have been able to see him better sitting the other side 😉 Anyways,as we settled down side by attention kept wandering off to the romantic movie playing on tv there [ I now know what a waste i was ! Imagine what he might be thinking ! But i guess it happens in the special transition from best friend to boyfriend 😉  ]

And then guess what…he gave me a beautiful long-stemmed red rose !!! [ and the butterflies…. 😉  ]

Then after ordering the lunch…as i was still enjoying the movie with my best buddy..he whispered softly… “Jaan”…as i turned in response…he smiled very differently with all his love reflecting in his eyes again..his gaze freezing me still..when he lowered his eyes..and when i followed his…OMG…i saw the most beautiful bracelet in his hand !!…i held out my hand for him…and as he softly wrapped it around my wrist i heard… “Marry me ” !!!!!!!!!..and right there in my heart i knew…am not just with my best friend….am actually with my Man ! And he instantly got his answer in my smile and affirming nod. 😀 😀

Thereafter he showered me with many more lovely presents..[I actually don’t remember what i had taken for him..and whether i had taken anything at all ! ]By now it was obvious  that this was “The First Date” !! With him by my side i now don’t remember any details of the meal or the movie thereafter 😉

After the lovely lunch…as we came out of the restaurant we wondered where to head next…and as seemed most natural to us…we just started walking again !

We walked and walked and walked…along the most serene road of our town..running all the way along the river side.And this time walking side by side again…i wasn’t looking at the shops around…i was just looking at our hands as …so close…but not yet touching 😉

After a while, he offered me a big bar of Dairy Milk chocolate[He recollects i had gifted him that during our lunch 😉 ] I unwrapped it [and could see him somewhat eager in anticipation], took a bite and handed him over the bar.And now it was my turn to be eager/nervous/excited/awaiting/impatient and i could see a smile dance across his lips..[telling me he knows am stealing glances and am waiting for what’s next !] and then he raised the chocolate to his mouth and took a bite just where i had bitten !! [ and i had to instantly look  the other way trying to hide my obvious shyness ]

Walking on when we came across the only ‘Deer Park’ of our town,i knew we had wandered off to the farthest corner of our town..and now it was time to complete the last segment of the riverside road encircling Cuttack but since that becomes real lonely out there we decided to take the immediate and short detour to get us straight back to the front of the same restaurant again.As we hurried towards it..i saw him getting quite impatient..and then in a flash he clutched my hand…actually 3 fingers 🙂 and i let my hand slip in further into his grip..

Finally he did what i was waiting for since so long ! [and am sure he had waited too !] 😀 😀

Then in the very next moment i became so nervous that i pulled my hand away and told him “It’s time we hire a rickshaw” 🙂

Thereafter we hired a rickshaw and he escorted me halfway back home 😉 🙂

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