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love note #20: The first rendezvous between the two men of my life !

This was the first time he was in town after the proposal and we decided that meeting at our place atleast once could be afforded/arranged 😉 Not only that,we wanted to ‘time’ this meeting such that he could meet Papa! By now the moms knew and hopefully the news had been conveyed to the dads. So this meeting wasn’t going to be like any other previous ones where Papa had not had actually ‘noticed’ him other than being one of my school friends or being mentioned in the top ranks of our class yearly.The first time i remember seeing him with his dad,me and papa standing together was with a group of other students amidst a serious discussion about a particular Trigonometry question after our matriculation Maths paper.We both had done it one way while the rest of our friends and class had done it another way.So that had made us stand close together with our dads peering in to the subject matter as there were positions at stake at this 6 marks maths question 🙂 And it so turned out that we both were right and scored the same and highest in Maths 🙂 🙂 [Guess could have taken that as an indication right then 😉 ] 

Anyways,right now it was our lives at stake at this initial meeting.We decided upon Sunday evening as Papa would be home.That afternoon we spent hours contemplating all probable situations and corresponding plan of actions,what he should be wearing and what about his french beard ! He had recently grown it..a french beard and i wasn’t quite sure if that would enhance/degrade the impression !Ultimately quite confident of my choice i.e. him, i simply told him “just be yourself  because that’s how Papa will know u in the future too !”

So,that evening as Papa and me were sitting in the living room,he arrived..donning his french beard,a black leather jacket and shoes ! When he reached the doorway of the living room and Papa saw him,he greeted Papa with a humble Namashkar.Papa nodded back and gestured him to take a seat inside.After he settled himself,Papa asked him gently “Where do u stay” to which he replied “Bangalore”.Papa took a deep breath..waited a moment and went upstairs to his room.[As i had suspected then and as mummy confirmed later,Papa had then recognized him to be ‘the boy’ and hence left the room ]As we both looked at each other with questions and anticipations, my sweet mummy and darling sister came in to ease the atmosphere and make him feel comfortable with sweet chitchats and delicious snacks 😉 😀

Later we learned from our reliable, efficient and sweet spies in mummy and my sister that Papa had actually not liked his beard, the jacket and shoes ! Maybe clean-shaved, a sweater and sandals would have fared better that evening ! But then i guess the first impression need not last long 😉

10 thoughts on “love note #20: The first rendezvous between the two men of my life !

  1. Wow… the anticipation of meeting and getting approval of the parents….
    in your post i see my future, as even though the parents have ‘agreed’, the “interview meeting” as he and I call it, will still be there.
    This post is so brilliantly written, that my breathing was stuck at the point when your father walked off upstairs….

    Keep loving. Keep posting.


    1. Yea..somehow everything seems so incomplete without and so ‘Right’ with parents’ consent and blessings.We are fortunate to have such understanding parents. 🙂 🙂
      And don’t worry all will fare well for ur upcoming ‘interview meeting’ 🙂
      Best wishes and lotsa love XOXO


  2. Thanks for sharing. I remember the day I met my father-in law, I was nervous and just uncomfortable but once I got to know him, he’s really cool. I’m glad the initial meeting turned out well for the 2 great men in your life. It gets better as time goes on.


    1. Yeh…it does get better with time 😀 And to see them together makes me all smiles and brimming with pride and what not 😉 So nice to know about ur special relationship too ! Thanks for sharing 😀 Enjoy !


  3. Thanks for sharing such a private thing. Must have been so hard for you and of course him. Meeting the parents is never easy. And your Dad leaving the room must have made you so anxious… 🙂 And yeah it’s a good thing that first impressions don’t say everything.


    1. Yea…i somewhere knew we would get thru it..and Dad is pretty cool actually like him…but then this situation must have been odd 😉 and now they are the rocking Father-Son duo 😀 😀


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