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love note #21: The results !!

This trip was full of tests n results. First was the meeting with Papa which went quite unexpected n I was still awaiting to hear from her his comments abt me and also this day her masters results were going to be declared. And these results were more important..though not to prove anyone anything.. but still it did showcase the strength of our togetherness..which was more important..

I went to her college early on the morning eagerly waiting for her call.. She called up saying that the announcement is we along with her best group of friends went to a cafe in front of her college. Though everyone was talking so excitedly, we both were rather calm with our fingers crossed.That’s when she handed over  a letter to me n told me to read it only when I returned back to Bangalore (I was to leave the very next day) 

That day was memorable in many ways.While having our soft drinks she gently passed on her glass without anyone noticing it..n to the contrary I was blushing looking at her.. 🙂 🙂
We sat there chit chatting for a long time when they came to know that the results will be declared in the afternoon..So I went back home though all my mind n heart were with her..

I just sat in my room thinking of all the events of this trip..the number of times we we met..the time we spent together..I was feeling so happy from within..all of a sudden my hand fell on her letter..not able to resist, I opened it n started reading..and as i went thru it, I still remember how my face went pale n my heart skipped a beat..I learnt the first rendezvous with Papa was quite a disaster..I should have gone there in a more cordial way than with my funky style..should have been bit more formal rather than being overtly casual..I knew I had screwed the very first impression..n that now it would take more than anything n  everything to change I was just praying that her results come out well.. though I always know she is the best but in that state of mind lot of creepy weird thoughts were cropping up..n suddenly nudging them all aside my phone started ringing..I picked it up anxiously only to hear her soothing voice “Jaan ho gaya, first !” (Jaan its done, First !)
Oh those words were like a feast to my ears n heart..I was soo happy..she did it again..she topped her exams..and more importantly it would in some way be a booster to wash off the initial impression that i had given Papa..though not about me but surely about US..I thanked God soo much n so many times n rushed off to see her at her college.

We went to a nearby ice cream parlor n ‘party’d her extraordinary achievement !

Though I was not sure how I was going to erase away Papa’s first impression of me but we were confident that we would surely work it out..with her hand in mine we shall surely see it through.. 🙂 🙂

5 thoughts on “love note #21: The results !!

  1. Hey, the way you put each emotion you felt into words is fantastic. And though it’s VERY VERY late for this, congrats on the result! (to both of you)
    Take care.


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