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love note #22: “What do u like about me ?”

A few days fresh into our love…one fine afternoon,in between our long chitchat, I became the ‘doey-eyed’ ‘batting-eyelashes’ typical girlfriend and popped him the question… “Jaanuu…hum jab Calcutta main mile to aapko kya sabse acha laga tha??” ( Sweetheart,when we had met then in Calcutta,what did u like most?) to which came his propmpt reply… “Hum jaise saath main the pura din…saath chal rahe the…ghum rahe the…”(The way we were together…walking togather side by side…roaming together here and there..)

Hmm…that pleased my ‘girlfriend heart’ well but that wasn’t really the ‘girlfriend question’…so i went on to clarify it for him… “Wo to hai…but mere looks main…mere appearance main… 😉 ” ( That’s right…but about my looks… appearance… ) 

and….waiting…with my heart beating in my ears… 😉 … i heard… “Aapke Paon” (Ur feet !)

“What?? mere Paon??” looking down at my quite plain looking small feet…devoid of any nail paint or special care…but now being showered upon with so much importance and love 😉

He replies.. “Han…mujhe aapke paon bahut ache lage.Generally jab main kisise milta hun to unke paon ki taraf meri nazar jati hai…and aapke paon dekhke to bas yehi laga…ki Wow…aapke paon bhi mujhe pasand aa gaye” 🙂

(Yea..i like ur feet a lot.Generally when i meet someone…my eyes wander off to their feet…and here when i saw yours..i thought..Wow…i like her feet too 🙂 )

And that whole day all i did was keep looking at my feet and smiling to myself…remembering how that day early morning i had well moisturised my feet and had worn a new pair of sandals even with the shoe bite ! Guess it paid “pretty” well off 😉

17 thoughts on “love note #22: “What do u like about me ?”

  1. Hmm.. I felt something was different in your love for him, but I had no idea it was a feet first falling in love 😉 Hehehe. Nice recollection of one of your first moments together.


  2. Well it would have been quite an anxious question from your side!! But you got a surprising and unexpected reply too I guess 🙂
    “that he fell for your feet”

    🙂 🙂


  3. i remembered Pakizah, woh jo meena kumari ki picture ayi thi !!

    loved the conversation flow ….bas kash woh english translation na hota….but i know…since its a blog n ppl from all over visit/read, rakhna padtha hai…..u r right

    hhaha u being shocked by his reply…. imagining ur expression at that moment 🙂


    1. Hey Sujatha thanks so much for stopping by and sharing ur lovely thoughts 🙂 Made me 🙂 How funny.. i pretty much think of Pakeezah too with this fond moment 😉 And yea even mujhe b woh translatn nhn chahiye tha but as u knw jaruri hai ! and my expression continues to be same now even i guess…wonder surprise..astonishment…blush…. 😉

      Nice to hear from u 🙂 Milti rehana 😀


  4. His answer was both sweet and a little funny 🙂 Was not what I was expecting, but still I thought it was really cute. Think it’s nice when guys are a little original 🙂


    1. True..especially in response to the concerned question 😉 That’s what made the answer so very different and special 🙂 🙂
      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing ur thoughts Keerthana..Hope to see u more often here 🙂 🙂
      Have a great weekend ! Cheers !


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