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love note #25: The First Kiss…

My second visit to his place was surprising too but more relaxed and welcoming nonetheless.The day before his birthday,we met at a small cafe joint near my college.I gifted him a silver ‘Ganapati’ pendant to wear on his birthday.We were enjoying our milkshakes when suddenly i observed a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.With my raised eyebrows and peering eyes i nudged him to reveal the secret…and he went.. “Mom has invited u for lunch tomorrow!”

Almost spilling a sip, I wondered aloud… “What !! Are u crazy?? How can that be ??” “I mean…seriously ??…But how can I??” I was surprised, elated, nervous, beyond myself  in one go! And he just kept smiling…looking lovingly in my eyes…enjoying my happy blabber… 

The next i stepped across the threshold of  soon to be ‘my’ home…Amma came forward to greet me with all her love and affection.[She is just such a warm,loving,affectionate lady…just like moms should be…just like my mummy is 🙂 🙂 They both are like…when u meet them…u want to just cuddle next to them 🙂 🙂 ] And just then Daddy came in from across the front verandah…and blessed me whole-heartedly as i touched his feet.[He is one saintly person..calm and poised,simple and always smiling while Papa is more like the free breeze…fragrant with his emotions 🙂 🙂 ]

[And am so lucky hubby radiates all these features too and in his handsome proportions 😉 He is so ‘cuddle-tempting’…overtly calm, not that simple 😉 , free-dancing and always smiling 😀 😀 ]

Further in, I observed there were only the core family…no hush and rush like last time…all calm and cool.Amma, me and him settled down for some casual chitchats [not nervous this time,but had to be a bit cautious…after all officially, i was in direct one to one conversation with my MIL for the first time] But soon her gentle demeanor and affection eased me enough to be laughing along with them both.I wonder how happy hubby might be feeling then.I could see it in his eyes and beaming face.He then showed Amma the Ganapati pendant i had gifted him…now laying close to his heart attached to his gold chain.Amma smiled admiringly and soon left us to ourselves as she had to go to the neighbour’s for some errand.Daddy got busy with the shop dealings and his younger brother was nowhere to be seen..just when he held my hand and pulled me along saying “I want to show u something”…

He led me to a flight of stairs towards the terrace.As i rushed, eager to be introduced to another part of the house…my flight of steps took a screeching halt…when i saw him shutting the terrace door instead ! As he turned towards me..I looked at him with a blank puzzled face blurting out “What ?? Where ?? U wanted to show me something ??” And before my words could finish…he held me by my arm and made me sit on the stairs by his side….we actually squeezed side by side..

Now again when i looked at him with my still questioning eyes and bewildered look…he gently held my hand in his..and reached for my cheek with the other..and pulled me closer…i could feel his breath on my face..and i managed a gentle ‘no’ nod..he blinked his eyes smiling assuredly..nodding ‘yes’.. ‘its ok’.. ‘its me..with all my love’..and i didn’t stop him anymore…my eyes now closed…i could feel his breath on my lips…and his hand gently placed on my waist…and as our breaths mingled…Thud ! The door blew open !!! [Ha ha ha..can u imagine !! Just like in movies !!!] All embarrassed and melting…i couldn’t look him in his eyes anymore as i waited and he rose to lock the door shut this time…I could hear my heart in my ears…beads on my forehead…hands and feet cold…when he was back by my side in a flash..

…and this time…our first was just so soft…gentle…and long……

[ Happy Birthday Jaanuu !! Indeed 😉 ]

[I wouldn’t have remembered the lunch thereafter had it not been so yummy..lovingly prepared by Amma as we both relished it sitting side by side ]

I wonder where will i vanish when my sis and  bros read this…and parents OMG …may they smile !! 

11 thoughts on “love note #25: The First Kiss…

  1. 😀
    before anything else, you write really well….god! u got me all anticipated and nervous. And ofcourse reminded me of my first kiss. 🙂

    Your posts are all cute and sweet and lovely. Saying it for the nth time – i love your blog.


    1. Wow am so glad that u could really feel it all 🙂 And i guess the fond reminder calls for another love tweet from u 🙂

      Thanks so much to hear from u 😀


  2. Such a sweet moment. I could really see it how the doors just blew open just as his lips were about to touch yours 🙂 Really does sound like something from a movie.
    Thanks for charing this special moment of yours, it was really cute and fun to read,


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