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Sizzling Brownie #3: Surf Sand and Camping !!

Our first visit to an island happened just two days back !! On the early Monday morning we set sail aboard the ‘Rainbow’ jet-ferry for Izu-Oshima, an island off the coast of Tokyo 2 hrs into the huge Pacific.

We spent the first half of the day at the beach…afloat in our swim rings sailing and swinging with the Pacific tides.It was just awesome fun !!! We held hands all through..closing our eyes and sunbathing..opening our eyes to be overwhelmed with the vastness of the water all around..and crashing on the shore a few times.There were times when after a heavy tide crashed us to the shore and we almost lost and found our faces in the surf..hubby manged to stand up but since i was holding onto him or his swim ring…i tugged him back to fall on me as the next tide pushed me further back..and that actually happened 2-3 times triggering off our hearty shrieks and laughter.And then there were the lovely moments in between the surf and sun…when afloat the swinging tides…we bent over forward…to kiss 🙂 🙂

At around 4 pm we headed for our camp.Our first camping experience was made even more fun by the strong breeze…the children playing around..and we sitting across the wooden table with our was like those ‘load-shedding’ hours back home in India…when we were officially free of homework and study…and all huddled at one place on the terrace with all sorts of random chitchats munching on the snacks..with songs and laughter filling the evening sky…

To top it all…it was a full moon night…and the tent…and just us…out in the wild..under the beautiful night sky…

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