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Sizzling Brownie #4: The good,bad and the uhh..beautiful !

As mentioned in my last post , we had been to this lovely island last week.What i didn’t mention then and the reason for this loooong delay of posts is that we had initially planned a 2-night 3-day trip at the island with our wonderful friends but we had to actually cut it short to just a one-night and 1.5 days because we got badly, horribly sunburnt !

The reasons could be many interesting ones unlike the results..

  • my favourite sling-bag is (was) never honoured to carry a sunscreen lotion [or as hubby referred today as ..sunscream !]
  • we were out at the beach and on tidal swings at the peak hours of happily shouting shrieking glorious sunshine from about 10.30am-3.30pm
  • we actually had no idea of sunburns ever before given to our evening beach visits back home..
  • am quite used to and (was) careless of my tanned arms and legs back from my afternoon Kinetic rides or sports days back home
  • basically we were out on a vacation after long and why the hell would i  even think of  sunburns !!!!!! [Now i so know WHY !!!! ]

And the results first started to show the very Monday evening..with our faces turning ‘roasted-red’ and our arms stinging.That night was our first camping night and the thrill of it became a bit (very) scary when the tent fluttered and flustered to the tunes of the heavy gusts of wind all night.Just the thoughts of tsunami,earthquakes and the huge pacific by our side was enough for me to utter aloud to hubby.. “Jaan, kal wapas chalte hain please” (Jaan, let’s go back tomorrow itself ) and somehow the shuddering night passed by..[but yes it actually was really beautiful sleeping in the woods ;)]

The next morning…i was redder than him…and my arms and back of palms were swollen and even the fresh morning sunlight made me wince with pain.In just an hour,after discussing with our friends, we both made up our mind to try our luck for the ferry tickets that day.And all thanks to the genuine efforts by the camp-owner Yoko San and her family, we could sail back home that evening. [Also thankfully our friends agreed to continue their vacation unhindered, saving us any guilty embarrassments 🙂 ]

Reaching the port we were not in a condition to be able to walk to the nearby station even because the slightest rub of our bag-packs was unbearable now.So we hired a taxi and reached home in 15 mins for 2000 yen ! And the tryst had just begun !

The skin all over our face,arms and legs was burning hell..and was so hot and tender that a gentle finger-tip touch was excruciating.After the only available help from our trusted ‘Google’ we slathered ourselves with olive oil and sat idly feeling each follicle burn.Since no one was expecting us back for another day so there were no home video-chats.We simply called to inform that we were back.And thereafter..i really don’t know how that night passed…

Next morning i.e Wednesday…it had worsened [actually the part of the healing process ] and our skin was now wrinkly and dry..specially my face was in patches of dry loose burnt skin now..and i somehow prevented myself from my tempting Fb status of ‘am at my ugliest best’.Just as i was pondering about it…how ugly i was looking…to the point that i was almost in tears…hubby gently took my face in his hands and started kissing me all over…delicately caressing away every pain with his love.Just the feeling that he was kissing me so fervidly..with all his love when i was looking my wretched ugliest…made me feel to my core the most beautiful girl of this world !!..and he is the best man God has made ever !

The ‘love-making’ that afternoon was way more than just that…it was a beautiful,healing,divine glimpse of what continues to be our love in the making…growing….bonding..uniting us beyond every realm known to us..

Guess sometimes it takes ‘less’ than a vacation to explore all the fun there’s to life… 😉 😀

8 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #4: The good,bad and the uhh..beautiful !

    1. Thanks Jo 🙂
      Though still in the ‘peeling’ stage, we are much better now 🙂 🙂
      Thanks for putting up with the delay… 😀
      Have a great day !


  1. I remember that pain of a horrible sun burn and I can agree with you that it is excruciating. Really feel for you. Then it’s good to have a hubby like yours who makes everything so much better. He is just so cute and love you so much! You are very lucky! 🙂


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