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love note #26: Papa and Jaan..face2face !!

Now that u know “how” the first meeting between my dad and Jaan went in my love note #20 , I can tell u that the 2nd meeting went even more farther, beyond expectations..

The event was my best friend M’s marriage in Jan of 2007.Jaan was  in town for the same and my family would definitely attend the marriage..and hence the plans and the anticipations.We both along-with few other friends were at the venue the whole day.My family were expected in the evening for the reception party.We hadn’t actually thought of any strategies or plans as such except that we knew we had to make the ‘meeting’ happen.

As evening dawned amidst the celebrations and festivities,my sister literally became the GPS tracker keeping us posted about how far they have reached.With them getting closer to the venue..our hearts were now beating in our ears.Jaan seemed quite poised (on the surface 😉 ) while i wasn’t even able to check on my darling friend given the nervousness and anticipations overwhelming me.Soon my sis called to inform that they have reached and as she entered with mom dad,i gestured him to take position and be alert in order to be able to pounce himself on papa as and when possible 😉 We moved in different directions now as papa drifted to meet his friends and Jaan accordingly occupied his strategic position while i headed towards mom and sis.Just as we 3 huddled excitedly and i turned to locate him for them,all 3 of us were struck dumb as we saw him approaching papa.Surprisingly (but as is his nature) Papa greeted him with open arms and a good smile as he bent to offer his salutations.And then we found papa bringing him along towards us to meet mom and sis ! We 3 got alert instantly and after the initial greetings it was now the two men face to face.Papa actually was talking to him this time..the first time..and it was quite an informal casual talk.. (Papa always tends to make people comfortable with his charm and persona).Mom also enquired about his health etc adding her warmth to the underlying tension 😉 while my sis was whispering her praise and comments into my ear..tugging and nudging me as we tried to balance the forced back giggles with the evident apprehensions.And then..

Papa: “How long are u here in town..”

Jaan: “I’d be going back this weekend..”

Papa: “Oh ok..Hmm…Come over to our place before that”

Our jaws dropped !! And time seemed to have stopped..with all of us frozen..stupefied !! Papa had taken us all by this huge happy  surprise !!

I don’t even know how he even managed to answer that with a humble happy nod saying ‘Yes sure’ masking his jubilant heart..jumping and shouting and screaming “Yiiipppiiieeeee” inside while the 3 giggling observers in me,mom and sis were simply dumbstruck with mouth agape..and i could hardly cover my happy beaming surprised face ..I just wanted to scream.. “Yahhhoooooo” and hug papa and hug him and hug them all …my family 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “love note #26: Papa and Jaan..face2face !!

  1. Itna intezaar karaya. But good news came in the emd.

    Kya chakar kya hai, busy ho gaye ho aap, ya bhaav chad gaya hai? :p

    You really really know how to make your readers pounce on your posts… they come after such a long gap.

    How’s the sunburn now?


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