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Sizzling Brownie #5: Sweet surprises !

We both love the  fresh cool morning breeze and the soft calmness therewith but we both are not a ‘morning’ person..atleast not me..not till now 😉 So we decided to schedule our gym timings in the morning..7-8am ! [The exclamation is for me 😉 ] This Wednesday i had to skip the session because i wasn’t feeling well and hubby had to get ready and get going all by himself.So as usual we kissed and hugged at the door for the ‘good’ start of the day and as he disappeared smiling behind the lift doors, i dragged myself sleepy-eyed back to bed and as i snuggled to the comfort of my blanket..the door bell rang ! I dragged myself again to the door and as i opened it..he strode inside grinning and saying.. “I don’t want to go alone” before i could even ask anything 🙂 🙂


That same evening, sitting next to him on our red couch, i was thinking aloud about missing the festivities and sweets of our favourite Ganpati Puja the next day.We both were reminiscing about the decors and family gatherings back home this day.And i sighed thinking it would just be another normal weekday tomorrow.And in a while i found myself expressing the same to my sis over video-chat.And immediately i hurled a question at him.. “can u take half-day off tomorrow?” ..and my sis joined in saying “Bhaiya must have planned already” and we sisters started teasing and nudging him..while he simply nodded his head and kept smiling pretending to read the news online.Soon the topics changed.But as soon as the video-chat was done..i pounced back on him again.. “Bolo na kal half-day le sakte ho kya??” [Please take a half-day off tomorrow..]..and he continued to smile.I,knowing that he would have said no unless plausible, kept nudging him teasing him…till he said.. “Tu kabhi bhi ye surprise nahin rehne degi na” [U can’t ever let it be a surprise na 😉 ] and i just couldn’t believe it !! and simply screamed out “Yahhhooooooooooooo” squeezing him tight….with my ‘Dil mange more’ instantly popping out another question… “btw half-day or full-day? Bol de nahin to main jyada soch lungi..I’ll think it to be full-day aur tune half–day liya hoga to..” and he shaped his lips to mouth… “Full-Day!” and said “Maine kabka plan kar liya tha” 🙂 🙂

and then..Yahhhooooooooooooooooooooo !!!

…with a big happy shower of  XOXXOOXOXXXOXOXXOOOO…………………


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