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love note #27: “The Interview”

Well u must be thinking that after i have described the ‘rendezvous’ between dad n hubby here n here what more ‘interview’ could there have been.Well then, the interview was yet to happen as we all came to know later.As mentioned in the previous love note, papa had surprised us all by inviting over jaanuu to our place and so there he was,that very weekend sitting a bit cautious, in our living room.There was me,mom,dad,my sis,my grandma and my grandpa (my dad`s uncle).Dad met jaanuu briefly,smiled and retired to his room and then what unfolded before us was a 2-hr long drilling session by RBT i.e Royal Bengal Tiger as we kids called grandpa due to his strong stout broad stature.He was a very well-read man and was then 90 yrs old,fit n active..enough to keep hubby fixed with his gaze and questions.Well actually it wasn`t that scary because he was asking stuff about pune,bangalore…the history..the lifestyle..the people,the culture..alongwith sharing his expertise too.So yea it was actually quite informative and interesting till it seemed to be getting a little overboard as mom n grandma began getting worried for poor hubby who had been sitting face2face with grandpa for over 2 hrs now 🙂 🙂

Well and the verdict ?? …was in everyone’s favor 😉 😀

6 thoughts on “love note #27: “The Interview”

  1. I think whether its 3 years or 30 years, its never late to Congratulate you both for this..and that too over and over again.. such moments are always special and etched in hearts for a lifetime and beyond.. 🙂


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