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Sizzling Brownie #8: Birthday,gifts,surprises n more!!

Planning,shopping,listing,making,baking,traveling,anticipating,smiling,cheering with friends..celebrating my hubby’s BIRTHDAY !!!!Yes all these days i was busy preparing for the special day and i simply love the anticipation of it all imagining how he would like my gifts and surprises…and yeah what i love most is the twinkle in his eyes and his happy face when those plans unfurl and the gifts unwrap [He loves unwrapping gifts no less than a curious happy child does] So yesterday we celebrated my Best Bud-Day 🙂 🙂 And this time i must say we could make it extra-special because hubby took me by a special surprise when he zoomed us off to a lovely white-sand beach weekend trip.It was simply awesome and what could be more romantic than watching the sunrise hand-in-hand by the beach…tracing our footsteps in circles on the soft wet white sand..having our private customized photo-shoot on the beach all by ourselves..cozying up on the bed to the mesmerizing sound of the gentle waves and the lovely beach view right from our room….Whoa !! It was just incredible…and the next day was great fun and adventure as we walked through dense woods tracing our route to discover 5  hidden gushing gorgeous waterfalls…and later on walking on a suspension bridge hanging on cliffed-shoreline with pristine deep blue waters kissing the horizon…whoo i guess some snaps would really help here and i would soon update u with those..

Now now coming to my plans…well i simply fell in love with this coffee-brown leather jacket and instantly bought it for my darling and hid it in our closet.I was quite happy and confident with myself and all that was left to be done was to arrange for the gift-wrapping,presenting,partying etc.And just a few days before i started fiddling with another idea…and what an overwhelming idea it was ! Overwhelming enough to keep me working on it till 3am the night before his birthday eve and i simply couldn’t believe myself when that afternoon i was finally done with knitting a 5ft long multicoloured striped scarf for my darling…my very first personally knitted gift for him..and let me tell u he simply loves it and am so thankful for that because i was just so very nervous about it !!

And thanks to our friends here, hubby had an awesome surprise at 12am sharp as they came in with a yummy chocolate cake loaded with loads of wishes and birthday love !!

Also, I’m so glad that along with our celebrations,one of our dearest friends celebrated her 3rd love anniversary the very same day here’s a toast to the lovely lovebirds !!!

Maybe she would soon update us all with a love tweet  pretty soon…because i know she has lots unfurling under her rose-tinted feathers 😉 🙂

Cheers !!!! Happy living and Happy loving !!!!! Love you all !!

5 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #8: Birthday,gifts,surprises n more!!

  1. Well u r amazing sweetheart..u make my everyday special..but of course yesterday was even more special because of everything u did..ur hand knitted lovely scarf..with all ur love..thanks for being there wit me all d while..I love UU


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