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love note #29: The Engagement !!

It was a bright sunny Wednesday morning that found me all decked up in a blue saree,pacing my room nervously all by myself as everyone was busy downstairs preparing for the ceremony.I gave him many a calls to keep track how far they have reached.He kept smsing back.This was the first time both the families were meeting.My uncles had been to their place for some initial discussion but this was the day the dads would meet…the moms would meet…the uncles the aunts the kids…everyone from both sides…

I had no idea how the ceremony would go…i had no thought of it…all i knew was i was nervous..but i had faith too…

I was wearing the blue saree which i had worn to my best friend’s wedding and he had liked it a lot…i had no idea i was actually looking too simple for my engagement till my darling chachi told me πŸ™‚ She gave me her beautiful navy blue saree…and some more jewelry…and made me ready once again saying its ur engagement and we all are looking more decked up than u πŸ˜‰ And we were done just in time when he pinged that they have reached ! My heart beat jumped many a long jumps and a couple of high jumps…my darling sis came up to me with the all imp ‘know-all’ face knowing that i would be pleading her to know whats going on…and she just said…kind of thats none of ur business πŸ˜‰ u just stay here…when u would be required..we will call u !! teasing my nerves all the more πŸ™‚

I went further upstairs top mom’s room and kept pacing the floor…taking heavy breaths…when suddenly someone came up…it was his chachi ! She is really sweet…helped me relax a bit and her little kid helped ease the conversation better…

Once they were gone,i rushed back to my room again and was alert in case someone else turns up…he smsed again teasing me…making me more nervous…and asking when i was coming down.In a while mummy came up to lead me downstairs to the new family…As i climbed down the stairs all my family beamed at me…teasing with their eyes…my aunts helped me cruise to the hall…and there everyone was busy talking already…amma aunty mami and mamaji were sitting to my left…daddy uncle and my darling in the front..and the uncles to the right…i bowed my namaste to all in turns..stealing a glance at him…but couldn’t meet his cupid look πŸ˜‰ Papa who was seated right near me…left his seat asking me to sit…and then Uncle remarked ‘good’ to him…i sighed Β relief in my heart…that was a very important verdict πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ All were quiet…no one asked me anything…hubby (soon to be) kept staring at me…i could feel his eyes even with mine downcasted…his younger brother excitedly took some snaps of me and then in a while i was gestured to be allowed to leave…

[In my life i had always known that i would never go to show my face with a tray of sweets/chai…i knew i would never let myself be on exhibition and allow anyone the authority to accept/reject me and am glad i could stick to that..when he had expressed his feelings about me to amma…she had sayed yes right way…saying that it’s his happiness that only matters to her.She had not seen me till then…and that made me respect her even more…even daddy…no one had insisted on seeing me first before agreeing to the proposal…and today they were all here for the engagement directly…and so i knew when i went in front of them…that i wasn’t going to get judged but rather i was moving ahead towards my new family…i was taking my step to meet them all…to seek their blessings.. ]

I went back to my room in between the hush and sister was all busy…and happy πŸ™‚ so were all my darling lil sisters…in a while i was summoned back for the ceremony…in our place we had no idea how the ceremony would be…they placed the chair facing north…and as i sat..they blessed me with haldi(turmeric)and kumkum(vermillion)…and then he stood in front of me…and took a while staring at me…took my hand in his…and waited…and as i looked at him…he strung his ring on my finger…as everyone showered holy rice on us….he took the chance of holding onto my hand a while an excuse for the snaps to be taken πŸ˜‰

After that all the ladies blessed me with haldi and kumkum on my forehead and my bangles…and then we both touched everyone’s feet to seek their blessings..and then my nanaji and all my maternal aunts and uncles arrived just in time…and they all beamed to see both of us and approved of our respective choices πŸ™‚ My aunts kept gushing to me how handsome he is πŸ˜‰

And then in a while the whole house was like a whole new big family….one could see dads together,moms together,aunts with aunts…uncles together…sisters and brothers with us…and even the kids playing and fighting like that they had all known each other since long…they were everywhere…in the hall…balconies…upstairs…everyone was talking away…together ! even hubby and me were finally sitting together πŸ˜‰ amidst the group of our darling brothers and sisters…and in those moments…i stealthily tied him the bracelet i had got for him…

[As per the ritual only the groom has to wear the bride a ring and vice-versa wasn’t required for the ceremony…but i had to gift him something…something that would mark this day…forever…and so from my first salary i had got him this bracelet…just the day before…he was out with his family to shop for the ring…and had made some excuse to join me for a while to buy this bracelet..]

We both beamed with our little secret and our little ritual of love… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

After sometime…when we were downstairs…i sat with my dadi (my paternal grandma)and my nanaji(my maternal grandpa…my fav) and i asked their opinion..and they blessed me happily with their approval…that was a very special moment for me…

Then in a while…when i was back in room…and things were now reaching the point of discussion about the further turn of events…he came upto me…rather was sent up to talk to me…rather to tell me…that we won’t be able to get married that year…

[Our engagement was held on Aug 8th 2007 and were very sure that we would get married that same year Dec.Even so much that that year he had gifted me a ‘Sindoora Pharuah’ a ornamental container for the sacred vermillion… ]

It was hard for me to disguise my sorrow…it was because my uncle and family won’t be able to come from USA so soon again in Dec..also his BigB and Vadina were abroad…i knew it’s the right decision..but just couldn’t make myself accept it…i couldn’t bear to stay from him any more…he held my hand and made me understand…i wondered how he kept his calm… [but that itself is one quality that i so adore about him]…i even had a tiny squabble with my little sister…as she wasn’t able to comprehend how could i think of Dec when they wouldn’t be able to come…and i failed to explain her why…even though i know how much i wanted them all to be present at the time of marriage…my aunt consoled me and tried to ease the situation saying they would make it anytime…whenever the date is fixed.I would never forget her words…they were so comforting…but then Papa had decided…it would be next year…only when my uncle and family and his BigB could be present too..and when someone questioned him as to how we both would manage that long…his simple reply was. “If they can’t manage this long…how i can i trust them to manage life-long…” [That’s my dad :)]…and that said it all…and his faith gave us the faith too…

That evening as they all left…i saw Papa walking him down..with his hands around his shoulder… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

That evening when all were about to board the car..he made some excuse and came back again…to have a glance at me as i waited for him in the balcony…he indulged in some random talks with my aunts…staring up at me every now and then….smiling at me assuringly…that we can do it…and we will do it….and yes most importantly we were happy how the day had turned out…how both the families had merged into one already…and now we were officially a part of a whole new big family…our family !!!

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    1. Ohh i’m so glad that u enjoyed it πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for taking ur time to share ur sweet thoughts…really means a lot!! Nice to know u and hope to hear from u again πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend ! Cheers !


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