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Sizzling Brownie #21: Happy Holi !

Happy Holi guys and gals ! Well for those of u don’t know Holi is a festival of colors widely celebrated In India.This day everyone splashes the other with myriad colors till it’s hard to identify each other ! And then the grueling tasks of scrubbing the colors out from ur face and body to become a bit presentable for the next office/school day 😀 It’s just too much fun and the colors of joy and happiness and friendships and the lovely playful memories are build and cherished and carried forward every year to the next Holi ! 

And these festival days being away from home kind of pinches a bit… 😉 Yesterday evening mom asked lovingly if we have any colors to play with and we were like…we found from a distant store last year but this year…we didn’t get any as we had been traveling a lot of late….but anyways i at least had turmeric on my mind 😉

Today morning hubby after shower,came and kissed me as always..gently caressed my cheeks with his fingers and said “Happy Holi” with his cute mischievous grin and startled i asked right away “where did u get the colors from?”And he replied smiling.. “just the Sindoor” 🙂 The sacred Vermillion 🙂 And within no time i had rubbed back color from my cheeks onto his 🙂 🙂 HAPPY HOLI !!!!!

Wishing all our friends and their families a very Happy Holi and may ur lives be filled with every gorgeous color of happiness and love and care !

Cheers !

Eager for your love, wishes and blessings...

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