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love note #30: Stealing time !

When in love..and with ur love…every moment falls short…hours rush by like seconds and one can never have enough !!! When hubby was home for our engagement..i had already got my first now that he was free whole day i wasn’t..and all that was on our mind was how to and when,at the earliest can we meet and for the longest time possible…we wanted to squeeze out any available minute and make them count by spending it together…because just the very thought that we both are in the same place and still not together…naah, not happening !! And so this is what we managed…everyday…and this is what made me fall in love with him…over and over again….everyday … 

My workplace (@Bhubaneswar) was about 45mins to an hour of bus ride from my place (@Cuttack).And each day he would be waiting for me at the bus stop.Each day…just to spend time with me…he would travel with me to my workplace in the morning…and return back on his own…only to be there waiting for me again…in front of my college…in the evening !!! Yes,every single day he made 4 trips of an hour each just to be able to see me…to be with me….and u can imagine how that made me feel… ‘Miss Universe’…. ‘the most beautiful girl in the whole world’… ‘on top of this world’… ‘the cynosure of my darling’s eyes’ !!!!

He just has this in him to make every single day so special…by his simple sweet gestures….those ‘life-saving’ love-filled bus rides back then or our anytime ‘lets have an ice-cream’ walks now…each day…every day…he makes me love him more and more….just can’t ever have enough of this sweet little cuteypie of mine ……mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuaaaaaahhhhhhhh !!!

13 thoughts on “love note #30: Stealing time !

  1. Awwww….so sweet!!! 🙂

    I can kinda relate to the eagerness of spending time together. I was in a long-distance relationship with my would-be for about 8 months. And we would so wait for the wedding day to come 🙂

    Wish u loads of sweetness in your life


    1. Thanks so much Dear and welcome to ‘My Dear U’ 🙂
      Oh wow thats so nice to know ! And 8 months OMG ! I can very well visualize how desperate u guys must have been 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing ur sweet thoughts…and i guess u could very well put the love tweets page to optimum use 😉 Would love to hear from u ! Have a great weekend ahead ! Cheers !


      1. Haha..thanks 🙂
        I recently started out writing my love story as a blog..just so that sometime later..after many years..we have a laugh and a smile on our faces when we read it together…keep visiting 🙂

        P.S Thats a very pretty header which you have put up…you have got very beautiful eyes my lady 🙂 and from what I can imagine seeing the pic..your hubby has got a very good smile 🙂


        1. Oh yeah that’s the best thing to do..that’s one reason behind our blog too 🙂 And thanks so much for ur lovely compliments…and yea he sure does have a very charming smile 🙂 Love to hear from u ! Thanks 🙂


  2. Hi My Dear You,

    Sorry for addressing you like that – your hubby will be furious 😛
    This was a sweet post, Both you and Visha make me want to write about my btter half and my love story 🙂 which is really long and definitely special like each of yours’ 🙂

    It is wonderful feeling to recount yester years and wish the charm stays on 🙂 I wish you a lovely life always 🙂 God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Thank u so much dear !!! So nice to hear from u and ur lovely thoughts 🙂 Hey,it’s great to know u have so much special to share too…please hop on the ‘Love Tweets’ page and let us know ur special moments too…jot in would be such a joy to know about both of u !

      And thank u so much for ur lovely wishes…they really really mean a lot !
      And don’t worry hubby doesn’t mind because he is ‘hubby’ for many now 😉

      May u both be blessed with every happiness..looking forward to knowing more about u both…
      Cheers !


  3. Nice blog… wish you loads of happiness and long life together… 🙂 I loved those ‘4 trips to be with you’ … love makes you do crazy things… I have done that.. 🙂


    1. Yea sure does makes us do crazy things ! And that’s worth a lifetime 🙂 Welcome to ‘My Dear U’ and thanks a lot for sharing ur sweet thoughts ! Mmmm…n i see u got something special there too…please feel free to share ur fond moments on the Love Tweets page as and when u like 🙂 Would love to know more about u 🙂
      I hope to keep hearing from u 🙂 Have a great day ! Cheers !


  4. was just going by your’s love 1st thought was how simple and beautifully you have written it..for i can find something between the lines i.e the care, love, etc..well carry on the good work..and Thanks for following my blog.. it has given me a fresh new encouragement..just waana say it is a feather addded onto my cap..Thanx again 🙂 🙂


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