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Sizzling Brownie #24: Tagged ‘11’ !

Recently,i was ‘tagged’ by Jo of  ‘Thoughtful Thoughts’ for this one 🙂 Thank u dear 🙂

The Rules :

  1. Put the rules on your blog.
  2. Every person tagged should tell 11 things about themselves, answer the 11 questions asked by the one that tagged you, tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.
  3. Let the people whom you tagged know you’ve done so.
  4. Don’t tag anyone who’s been tagged before.
  5. Really do tag 11 others; don’t go all “if you want to take this tag”.

The 11 things about me :

  • I wish my mother-tongue Odiya and my native place Odisha get its due recognition for its immense treasures of rich literature,art and culture.For that matter i feel we all should try conversing more in our mother-tongues and keep the myriad languages alive.
  • I’m at my clumsiest while applying nail polish (whenever i dare myself to 😉 )
  • I love trying new dishes..just to know how it tastes like and yeah ‘Octopus Fry’ does taste yummy 🙂
  • Two things i seldom need when there,but definitely need when not there,are a jar of water by my bedside and a notebook n pen while traveling.
  • I love our camera and the click clicks me on 🙂 🙂
  • Rules and expectations/obligations are not for me….am kind of unconventional in my thoughts and and independent like the autumn breeze…
  • One thing i love and wish i would do more often is cycling..
  • I love making shapes in the clouds !
  • Good melodies and long-drives are instant stress-busters for me,but don’t compare to his kiss on the nape of my neck 😉
  • One thing i want to change in me is to become a morning person…i so love the fresh cool morning breeze on my face and the bare-feet walk on the dewy grass..
  • In less than a month,i would complete 3 decades of my life..that sometimes makes me anxious (because am still pre-occupied exploring the various possibilities of ‘what i want to be’ ;)) but yeah i can proudly say…i have ‘lived’ these 30 years of my life…and am so grateful for such wonderful parents who gave me this life and the freedom to explore and be ‘me’,for my darling sister who has always stood by me,for my ‘new family’ who have accepted me and love me just the way i am,for my soul-sister who knows me better than i do…for our dear friends who make sure to sail with us..through the smiles and frowns…and for my darling hubby,my best-friend,my dearest…for the gem of a person he is…for taking up the challenge i.e. ‘me’ everyday and night of his life and loving me more than i could ever know or express…

My  11 Answers 🙂

  1. What do you think would be the best form of government for India? -To start with,one with more of youngsters..
  2. One frank suggestion to me as a blogger? –I love to hear from ‘You’ and  just sometimes numbers shouldn’t matter 🙂
  3. Cold or Hot Beverage? -Depends on the weather and the whim 😉
  4. Living in the present or living for the future? -Living in the present,saving for the future 😉
  5. Life’s worst tragedy? -They don’t compare….
  6. Coulored pictures or black and white? -For portraits and sketches,definitely B&W,rest i love colours 🙂
  7. Summer or winter?  –Autumn? 🙂
  8. A father/mother or a son/daughter… which would you rather be? -The option doesn’t count 🙂 Both !
  9. How much does a person’s company define him/her? -Lots,because one does has a choice 🙂
  10. Emotional pain – all at once or in portions? -It never comes at once…
  11. The least recognized but very deserving blogger around you? -I love the posts by Gleebee @ AspiringSuperhero . Do check it out 🙂

The 11 people i would like to tag 🙂

  1. Gleebee
  2. Frida
  3. Nita
  4. Visha
  5. Viviene
  6. Mi
  7. Ashmita
  8. Aativas
  9. Arindam
  10. Rahul
  11. Sahana

My 11 Questions :

  1. Books/e-books ?
  2. Live-in relationships/Marriage ?
  3. First love/Last love ?
  4. A book that has moved u..
  5. A movie u recommend..
  6. How,in ur daily ways,do u ‘heal the world’ ?
  7. Given a chance u would like to..
  8. Adopted child can be same as biological child.Ur views…
  9. An idea to help change this world,through blogging,could be..
  10. You would like to be remembered as..
  11. A suggestion/feedback for ‘My Dear U’ 🙂

( and Jo i would love to know ur answers too 🙂 )

Thank you all so much, for ur constant love and encouragement…

XOXOXOXO…Cheers !!

22 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #24: Tagged ‘11’ !

  1. I’ll give you my answers :
    1. books anyday…..
    2. marriage… it makes the people involved not get a chance to run away too easily, adjustment is an important part in any relation
    3.(in unfulfilled) – first, the memories are hazier.. (if fulfilled) then obviously last=first
    4.Broken window
    5.Chupke chupke
    6. Honestly, i do not think i do, if i had to though, maybe by doing my bit to keep it clean you and your hubby once
    8.For the most part, but it is essential that the child knows it is adopted, since a young age (harsh but needed). because some day he will know, and then it may invalidate all his childhood… let him know, and then… yes, it is very possible to treat them the same
    9.start a movement…. and seriously…. through all blogs… that’s the 1st step
    10. jo or jj…. as a blogger…. otherwise, as my true self, as i am
    11. you write with the heart… just don’t ever stop writing


    1. Very honest answers Jo…the 2nd n 8th ones are really thoughtful and i agree too.And i love ur 7th and last answers !!! Made me smile again and yes dear i would never stop writing.Thanks for all ur love and encouragement..always ! We look forward to meeting u too 🙂
      As per answer 3, do u believe true love can happen only once ?
      And yes,I too prefer books over e-books and would check out the Broken Window and how i love Chupke Chupke…anytime !
      XOXOXOXO !
      Cheers !


      1. A clarification : I do not believe true love happens only once… what I meant though, was that if it is a fulfilling relationship, even though a person may love another still, the first relationship is a complete one in itself.


  2. I have replied back here !!! and I have also Tagged you !!!!!!
    Please see The response here ..
    My answers :
    My 11 Answer :
    Books/e-books ? yes mostly on unix , sumitabha das , I loved reading mein kemph as well , I also loved the biography of symbiosis institute by majumdar

    Live-in relationships/Marriage ? Marriage for sure

    First love/Last love ? First Love : My wife , Last Love :My wife

    A book that has moved u..:Mein kemph

    A movie u recommend.. Forrest Gump , I feel I am forrest gump

    How,in ur daily ways,do u ‘heal the world’ ? :Ijust dont lie !!!!so Iguess it helps , I am the masti maker now dont go in my details

    Given a chance u would like to.. : Born again as a millionaire.

    Adopted child can be same as biological child.Ur views…:Cant be !!! Sorry , The world is so cruel to accept , exceptions are always there

    An idea to help change this world,through blogging,could be.. :Write when your nations needs enlightenment on any topic.

    You would like to be remembered as.. :The one who never lied.

    A suggestion/feedback for ‘My Dear U’ : Its just awesome :Its simply superb , Just keep sharing.


    1. Thank u so much Rahul ! Loved ur answers..especially the 3rd,6th and of course the last one 😉 And Mein Kampf, i got the book but yet to read about my bday partner 😉 Forrest Gump is a special movie indeed…and hope next time u are born as a millionaire or rather make all the riches in this life itself 🙂 Thanks for tagging me back ( though i guess that’s against the rules 😉 ),am all excited for a new set of questions…he he…
      Cheers !


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