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Sizzling Brownie #26: Love heals !

Today morning i woke up to that familiar and dreadful pain in my arm again…i didn’t let hubby know…i tried to mask it till he left for office…but then it got worse…has to na…i kind of get so emotional when am not well 😉 After struggling through a few stretches and yoga exercises..i tried to place myself at ease…kept my phone,remote by my side…made myself warm with a blanket,sat on my chair stretching my legs out onto the couch…nestled the laptop in my lap…checked my mails…but how could anything make me feel at ease..till i called up hubby !  I called him up and just blurted out…froze my arm again….(tears in my eyes…not because of the pain…but because i do get like that when i tell mom/sis/papa/hubby that am not well) and i could hear the tension in his breaths and his words.There are so many times…usually most of the times when he listens to me…but then there are few times like this one when i must listen to him ! After all i am his no 😉 I had called to tell him to have his lunch at the office cafeteria today and i would manage something at home as i wasn’t in a position to cook today…but he insisted he is coming home…and that was followed by his strict admonition…don’t u (dare) do anything ! 

He kept calling me frequently and when he knew i would be feeling hungry…he called to say…i would come for lunch earlier than usual today..and i would make u something warm…(he knows what i need when).And then he came…and then i smiled… 🙂 🙂 He made me hot bournvita and crunchy toasts…and made some maggi for himself too ( just to tell u he is a very good cook and his skills are not at all limited to just maggi ) As he was cooking i mentioned to him sheepishly… “u see i kind of get emotional when am not well..” and he peeped out from the kitchen to check (my eyes)…i smiled and assured him ‘abhi nahin…when i had called u up’ …and again my eyes brimmed up ! Gosh sometimes am so funny ! And then in a while he came and sat by my side with his plate of maggi and soon I wondered out aloud “how is it that by default u are sleeping on my pillow every morning…” to which he just smiled and replied “i sleep every night on my pillow only”…me blurted out “then every morning u deliberately hop over to my pillow ?” He then smiled and said… “i don’t know…but i had a dream early this morning..thought would tell u later” and then his eyes twinkling with mischief, he related the dream to me…we were at home in India with all family around,i had been out shopping with the ladies and just as he is talking to a cousin,i call him up and ask him… “let’s go to a movie today” “…anyways everyone is around…to take care of sonny” …and there i burst out laughing as he blushed into rainbow colors…and the pain,though intense due to the laughter, didn’t really hurt that bad now…

And that made me wonder…how any day of my life i can wake up to a frozen arm but how everyday of my life i can be thankful for his love…his gentle ways of  love and care…his eternal gift of  love…i can never thank him or God or our parents enough for this…

Tujhme Rab dikhta hai…yaara main kya karun…

Sajde sar jhukta hai…yaara mian kya karun…..

i love u !

13 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #26: Love heals !

        1. Ha ha ha…am not disappointed at all my dear 🙂 Am glad indeed 🙂 I had doubted once from ur ‘teacher’ post…now thanks for making me sure 😉


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