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Sizzling Brownie #27: Love Bites !

Last Sunday we had been to a birthday party and were back home quite late at night.As we changed into our comfy night-clothes, i sat down at the bed and drew his attention to a bruise on my body.He came and sat by me and ran his fingers around it, caressing it while i drank in the soothing pleasure…and uttered “Now u must get me my Snoopy on that…” 

He nodded smilingly…and in a while was back by my side tending to my shoe-bite with my favorite ‘Snoopy band-aid’  !!

That night and all through the next day i literally had a smile on my face every time i checked my heel for his love-tended Snoopy bite 🙂

And frankly, deep in my heart, i could clearly see what a wonderful and doting father he is going to be 🙂 🙂

[ This Valentine’s day while i had treated him to my handmade chocolate truffles and an evening of  relaxing aromatic massage, he had pampered me with delicious Belgian truffles, a beautiful potted plant of delicate pink Tulips and an extravaganza of Snoopy goodies…which included these strips of Snoopy band-aid too.A bit puzzled i had wondered then, why does he expect me to get hurt. But now, i could clearly see how thoughtfully he had actually arranged for many more smiles for case and if at all i may ever get hurt, even if it’s just a small shoe-bite…he made sure it’s as pleasant as a love-bite 🙂 ]

10 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #27: Love Bites !

  1. Isn’t it amazing how they manage to do such li’l things that make you feel so on-toop-of-the-world ! Makes the shoe bite and pretty much eevrything worth it – to get that kind of attention and love ! 🙂


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