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Sizzling Brownie #29: I’m feeling so special !!!

Gosh what a week this has been…full ‘dauda dauda bhaaga bhaaga sa..’ As u know our anniversary is coming up sooooon…and the 1-2 weeks b4 that are the toughest on both our parts ..because these days are the ones we try our best (literally struggle) to hide our surprise gifts and plans from each other.So much so that as happened today we end up instructing each other… ‘that’s My corner…don’t peek into it !’ Yeah that’s how we stock up on surprises 😉 

Well now coming to what’s making me feel so special today !!! Well to start with, we went anniversary shopping today and in the shop deliberately headed off in different directions.After quite some while as i was busy scouring the many possible gifts…hubby called…saying… “where are u…are u done ?” and when i replied i may take some time …he tempted me with… “well i have a surprise for u !!!” Wow Really ?? and he continued sweetly “This is our anniversary week right” 😉 🙂

And then when i met him he handed me a huge bag…i mean really big big bag ! And that could be the lightest for it’s size and it took me no time before i exclaimed out aloud…. ‘Balloons !!!!’ OMG !!!! A big big bag full of helium balloons !!! And when we were home…and i opened the bag, ohh how gently these beauties glided out to fill the air with all his love… for me 🙂 🙂

There are the shiny hearts filled with all his love…and the birthday special one…and the topmost one especially for our anniversary !!

And guess what more special happened in between all this ! While we were shopping, my darling li’l sister called me up from India and asked me to check her paper today ( She is sub-editor at a leading Newhouse of our state, Odisha). And when we did, guess what we found !

Can u imagine !!! I mean what can be sweeter than this !!! She simply melted my heart away as always !!! She is such a sweetheart !!! And this is and would always remain so very special ! Thank u sweetie !!!!! Love u lotsss !!!

And then just as i was writing this post…i got a mail ! My baby cousin ( soon to be a teenager ! ) sent me this cute cute card !!! Ohhh…how these kids grow !!!

No wonder, just for this once i had to check with myself…is my birthday Today 😉 and soon i found the sweet reply in her next card addressed to both of us  🙂 🙂

I’m just so touched and i feel so special today…i can feel..birthday or just any other day…am really lucky to be blessed with all these amazing people in my life…and all i went to tell them ever is… “I love U and ur happiness means the most to me ! Thanks for defining me…my life…in ur sweet special ways…I love UU ! Thank UU !!”

Thank U !!! May u keep smiling…always !

Lots and lots of XOXOXOXOXOXO !!!!

[P.S. He pampered me further with some relaxing foot massage and yummilicious sweet corn vegetable soup 🙂 And for those of u still wondering, well i too gifted him something today…a cute bouquet of  love and cheer 🙂 🙂 ]


10 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #29: I’m feeling so special !!!

  1. wow! you are so lucky to have people who adore you so much… enjoy all the attention and plan a super surprise.. 🙂 do tell us later what you did.. 😉


  2. I am pleased to inform you that I have nominated you for “The Versatile Blogger” award and that in my opinion you desrve every bit of it.I personally love reading your blog.Anyway, I don’t know if such things interest you, but in case you do , please follow this link

    and do the needful. Otherwise, I still want you to know that I believe you deserve the award .Thanks a lot and Congratulations.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Wow !!!! Thank u soooo much !!! I would take this as my birthday gift 😉 Made it really special 🙂 Would get about the rules as soon as am free 🙂 Am so happy that u really like our blog so much !!! Thanks a lot !!!


  3. Dearest 🙂

    Lovely post and trust me, I so love the way you find happiness in li’l joys of life 🙂 Truly, stay blessed.
    My wishes to you both – just keep having fun ok?

    And hey, you must share the rest of the updates regularly :))


    1. Aww that’s so sweet dear ! U know anything that’s going on i just wana jot it down for u all asap but u knw am t able to 😦 but i promise am going to share very detail…mmmm just about every 😉 It’s such a wonderful feeling that u all really love us so much.It makes it all so very special ! Really ! It’s a family out there for us 🙂 Thank u so much !!!


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