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Sizzling Brownie #30: Running all over..

Gosh…if i would have done this much of running regularly…i would have never bothered about my weight 😉 Though i still don’t 😉 I can’t take all those additional tensions 😉 As of now i can’t believe am actually writing this down…when there’s just soooo much to do !!!! But u see i don’t wana miss a thing…and i can’t afford to let u all miss a thing either 🙂 This is our first anniversary after i started this blog…and it really feels so special hearing from u all…the way u all are enjoying it too with us 🙂 It is really touching ! Right now am sitting amidst a jungle of shopping bags..and half of those are waiting to be processed into a beautiful (hopefully) gift ! And am just so nervous cause am doing it for the first time…and i know hubby would love it…no matter how good or less good it turns out to be 😉 But i really wana make it good and so am nervous !!! And thus this post is actually to ease my nerves…i gotta tell someone na 😉

[ Yes jaan i know tu bhi padh raha hai…isliye bas itne details kafi hain abhi..thik hai na 😉 ]

I just hope i don’t have to run any more errands because i really need some time for doing this !!! Oh gosh…so i better start right now ! I wish i could share the plans with u right now 😉 But as of now am just utterly  impatient to see him smiling/blushing/ecstatic etc etc etc…would definitely keep u all updated 😉

Lovya !

Cheers !

[ P.S. Just in case, 🙂 See u in the 4th decade of my life !! ]

[P.P.S. In the meantime if you are smiling thinking of ur gorgeous years and anniversaries then please please…you gotta share it with us !!! We wana know it all !!!! So please pour out ur hearts and make  ur better half enjoy reading ur special note too 😉 Cheers !!! ]

12 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #30: Running all over..

  1. Happiiieeeeeee Anniversary dearies ! 🙂 You both are total sweethearts (literally!) and so please please stay that way 🙂 always and forevers, whichever is longer 🙂

    Take care. And stay safe.
    Share your day!

    God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Happy anniversary… 🙂 I know I am late but sincere apologies… reallly reallllly sorryy……..hope you made the most of the bigggggg day.. so how was it?


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