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Hey friends,thank u all so much for your lovely wishes and so much love as always.Am sorry we couldn’t get back to you earlier.Our anniversary and my birthday went pretty well and we would soon be sharing all the details with you all.Just that right now things are not that well back home.These few days have been tough and yesterday was the worst..i just hope that it was the peak yesterday and now from today onwards things can just slide back gradually to normal.Sometimes it gets just so tough and well it isn’t really easy to make lemonade when life throws lemons at us.But as my dad said yesterday, when there is a sudden inflow of heavy current two things can happen…either the fuse melts or the fans and lights get faster and brighter.And currently we all are trying to harness this unfortunate and tough development to the best we can.Hope everything falls into the right place soon.

I wouldn’t have written this post even but somewhere i know you all might be getting worried and also i wanted to keep my head balanced a bit.Need all your prayers.

And also as always i want to share with you a little sizzling brownie again…to see u all smiling again…Yesterday when he came back from office..both of us could hardly speak a word.We just sat side by side for hours.Talking home in between…trying to do our best to cope and help.We didn’t feel like eating or cooking anything but then the system needs to be fed..and both of us actually can’t stand the hunger pangs.We thought of ordering just 2 aloo parathas from the nearby restaurant but then ended up canceling the order.And then he said, “you wait, i will get something for us”.I wondered aloud once “what…there’s nothing at home, vegetables,eggs etc.” But then i let him take over the situation..and just sat there on the bed listlessly.And in sometime, he came back with a big tray filled with enough food…3 tortillas,some leftover choley curry,egg bhurji of 2 eggs, and a portion of Maggi noodles ! And i just couldn’t help that lump in my throat as we fed each other these morsels of love.

It’s just that i never write the hard times on this blog…i want to see u all happy and smiling whenever you get our brownies and love notes.I always want it to be that small moment of a normal day or no matter how tough one, when you can smile for even a while.

Today am sharing this brownie to let u know that through such hard times we have always realized that being together we can somehow always find a smile through the tears.And just sometimes when the world around is all bitter and dark, the best of brownies show up just for the greatest celebration..the celebration of love and togetherness..of friendship and faith…of hope and life !

Keep well friends..God Bless you all !

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  1. Sharing hard times is also part of spreading love.. so don’t worry about that… I just hope you come out of this situation early and start smiling again… take care.


  2. You must have heard this before, but anyways I would like to mention it here

    During happy days, enjoy being happy
    During sad days, think that the good days are to come soon



  3. Dearie,

    No matter what is troubling, be secure in the knowledge that God is within you and this will pass. My best wishes to you. and if anyday you think sharing helps, we are all here.

    God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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