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Sizzling Brownie #34: Celebrating US :) :)

First of all we want to thank all you sweet people for your loads of wishes and love for us on our anniversary and always 🙂 🙂 Now as promised, am here to share with you the details of the 3 special days ! For those of you who must be wondering what 3 special days,well the sweet little fact is that 4 loving years back,we became Man n Wife as per law on 18th April, married on 19th April and the reception coincided with my bday on 20th April 🙂 So every year April calls for a 3-day special celebration along with my darling’s bday in October 🙂 🙂 Every year on our anniversary we make a point to travel to and discover a new place for ourselves.This year we already had 2 trips back to back in Feb and March so decided to enjoy the bliss at home and as you know when at home, the possibilities are endless 😉 So now hold your seats tight and get ready for the joyful ride !!!!

18th April this year was a Wed(n’s)day and hubby had taken leave for the next two days.Tuesday evening he called from office saying today i need sometime ( meaning exclusive time between he and his gift ideas 😉 ) I chuckled back saying that would be good enough for me (since, as i had mentioned earlier (Sizzling brownie #30) i was in so much confusion about my plans itself !!) So that evening while i made our bed my workshop, hubby excitedly worked on his plans in the hall 🙂 And in those 2 hours we called each other a few times too 😉 As expected hubby being the focused man he is, was done with his work in about an hour while i was still struggling hard at the project on hand. And soon the frequency of his calls made me know that it’s high time (that i am by his side ), so i wrapped everything up asap and tucked it away safely in my special corner 🙂 And as i walked out of our bedroom…OMG it was a beautiful new home altogether ! He had actually decorated the whole house with streamers,balloons,huge stick-ons,basically his love ! It was like i was in a fairyland and i just couldn’t believe my eyes…see if you can 🙂

Look who came to our party !!

Wherever i looked, there was something new !!! His touch of love had transformed our house yet again 🙂 🙂

And then the eager wait…for the kiss of midnight ! We Skyped back home to feel at home with family.With their blessings and love, we then retired to our bedroom for the ‘surprise time’ !!! And he really surprised me with this one ! A cute little handy Foot-Massager ! Just how thoughtful of him ! Strap it on and there’s a piece of heaven right there !! And the message along with…this really touched me sooo much !!!!

Remember love note #22 🙂 🙂 He is just such a darling !!!! And then he gave me this beautiful card with his beautiful words.. “Our Anniversary Is the Dawn of Spring”  !!

Now what surprise did hubby darling get 🙂 🙂

A Love Coupon Book !!!
Wana hug u tight !!!

The First Coupon

I got these cute little envelope cards and selected darker ones for sweet pink pages and lighter ones for rosy red pages and wrote in each what hubby would enjoy doing anytime 😉 Can’t show you all but the last two read ‘Do-Over’ whereby he could use any coupon any number of times and the other ‘The answer is YES’ 🙂 🙂 Along-with this coupon book i gave him a Dairy Milk, a cute key-ring and this card 🙂 🙂

And now for what happened the next day…hold on a bit more for the next brownie ! 😉 🙂

Till then, Happy Loving !!!

Cheers !!!!

16 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #34: Celebrating US :) :)

    1. Yeah 🙂 The special efforts he put in to make it all so beautiful and special inspite of his hectic work hours makes my dil go zoooom…zoooooom…zoooom 🙂


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