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Sizzling Brownie #35: Happy Anniversary – (Day1)

contd.. from Sizzling Brownie #34

Wednesday, the 18th we woke up to a warm,cozy beautiful morning 🙂 🙂 And as hubby went for shower i got busy setting up the next surprise.I placed the packet at our home’s little place of worship and when he came there after shower (all hot and se** )..he shouted… “yeh kya hai !!!” Now guess what i had gifted him? Well okay as a hint, the tiny bag contained the Axe Dark Temptation Body spray too 😉 [ And it drives me crazy every time he puts it on now 🙂 ] Let’s see who guesses it first 🙂

Then he left for office and soon i found out he had made sure his words reach me all day through, through the many e-cards he sent me !!  And with that i zoomed into my preparations for the day ! I had decided the gifts for the day and the dinner menu too but then it struck me i can make something special for lunch too ! But it had to be something fast,simple and his favorite too and i didn’t have much time to just think ! And ta da ! It struck my tiny brain ! Tomato rice and Dahi Baingan !!! Fast,simple and his favorite ! 🙂 🙂 Now having taken care of that, i had another task at hand to make the dessert for the evening but it was a ‘potential messy’ process so i decided to start after lunch or else the kitchen could easily spill all the sweet beans !

Soon it was 12.30pm and he was home for lunch and it’s always such a special feeling to see the delight and content on his face when he enjoys the simplest food i make 🙂 He really loved it !!! So much that he asked me to pack the same for his ‘tea-time special’ meal too 😉 And then to add to the lunch i gifted him something of his favorite color (yeah now i know his favorite color after the compatibility test ;))

Then i got busy making the special dessert…the Double Chocolate mousse ! Once i was done with that and stashed them away into the freezer, i made some finishing touches to the special gift for the night and then as hubby called to say he won’t be able to come early (as he had planned) due to some urgent work at office, i then got busy in preparing the special dinner for the night…

And this is what i made…

  • Tang Spritzer
  • Shrimp Scampi
  • Chicken Biryani and raita
  • Double Chocolate mousse
I was done with all the preparations by around 6pm and now i had to prepare myself 😉 I took shower, put on my newly bought se** black satin dolly slip, ( this is the first time i got myself something as a gift for him 😉 ) made my hair,put on some lip gloss and waited and waited for him…God knows how many times i checked myself in mirror each time anticipating his reaction…meanwhile playing with the idea of  keeping the bubble bath ready or not but finally decided not to and that really went well as per the proceedings of the next hour which began something like this…
As i opened the door for him, he didn’t step in…rather couldn’t step in 😉 He stood there gaping at me  with…surprise, admiration, desire, astonishment, glee, joy, temptation, delight all written over his face in that flash of moment.. 😉 I ushered him in and took the lovely bouquet he had got me along with the cake from his hand. As i settled those in the living room, he took his time freshening himself and getting ready, his eyes on me all the while. I waited for him in our candle-lit bedroom holding onto my heaving breaths. He came in softly and sat close by my side..his hands gently caressing my cheeks he pulled me closer…and the dream began !
The lovely evening led way to a beautiful night as i set the special dinner for him. And again he enjoyed it so much..specially as i brought  out the course one at a time i loved the surprise and delight on his face, guess the presentation helped too 🙂 To add to this special night, i gifted him a ‘custom-made’ music dvd of some of our favorite songs and some new ones specially for him from me.
In the meantime, he tells me ‘tune to bouquet thik se dekha bhi nahin’ and when i darted off to check it again…i found a tiny gift pack there…and guess what it had…a cute tiny little ‘ear-phone’ pouch ! It’s just so cute and i can actually dangle it on to my sling-bag 🙂
And when i turned i over…it said…
How sweet hai na 🙂 Ohhh i so love it !!!! With these cute little exchange of gifts and a hearty yummy dinner, we then Skyped back home and at midnight, shared our special Anniversary cake with them. He had got this special heart-shaped two-tier ice-cream cake made of chocolate and love potion ice-creams !! It was just soooo cute !!!
We shared this moment with two of our special friends too 🙂 🙂 And then we were off  for our ‘surprise’ / ‘u and me’ time !!
Finally, it was time for me to gift him that ‘special something’  i had been working on and running all over for ! Check this out 🙂 🙂
Scrapbook Love Album
And it opens on to a world full of love and kisses !
And the many sweet moments of our love,life and fun together…

Ask him how he loved it 😉 Ek comment to banta hai na !!!

I kept this album incomplete so that he can join in too and we can complete it together 🙂 Also this idea first struck me because of him only…the way he has been collecting all these tickets, bills, vouchers of our every trip, movie, our first cycles and other purchases…it always feels so very special ! I just thought of doing my bit by putting them all in one sweet place 🙂 🙂

And guess what he gave me…a cute Snoopy  letter set  with his sweet message ‘Sometimes you can use these…I Love UU Too Much’ 🙂 🙂 I love uu too Jannu… +1 🙂 🙂

And yes there was something more…guess what ?? Some beautiful lingerie…something he gifts me on every anniversary !!! How romantic hai na 😉

With this romantic thought, don’t forget to check out my next brownie of our special day because there’s gonna be something very very special therein !! And yes, don’t forget to drop in ur guesses ! ( refer first paragraph)

Happy loving 😉 🙂

Cheers !!!

20 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #35: Happy Anniversary – (Day1)

  1. So romantic! Thank you for openly sharing your happily wedded bliss. I am inspired to do some special romantic things for my husband too. Very nice post, and photos.


    1. Thank you so much Gina !!! It is so very sweet of you to say that ! U made my day !! 🙂 🙂 Am sure your hubby has some lovely surprises coming up his way 🙂 Do let us know what all you did 🙂 And yeah,please feel free to drop by the Love Tweets page and share your special moments with us too! Would love to know more of you both ! Have a great week ahead ! Cheers !


  2. Woah 🙂
    Sounds so so amazing really ! And I loved that idea. we collect all our tickets too and have a scrapbook of sorts. I loved the popping up hearts 🙂

    Did you give him an awesome garment? A hot shirt or somethign on those lines?


    1. Wow we really have something in common hai na 🙂 Something small and sweet everytime 🙂 Would love to see ur scrapbook share it na…if not here then on ur sweet blog 🙂

      And yeah a garment,awesome too and hot definitely but not a shirt or tee 😉


  3. Well as sweet this post was the more sweeter the day was..she always make this day n every day very special..though this day was indeed overwhelming to me both in terms of those beautiful n cute gifts that I got and the special evening tht could not be expressed in words 😉
    All in all I am lucky to have uu..
    I love uu..


    1. I love uu sweetuuu !!!! tu kitne ache se sab kch bol deta hai !!! 😀 😀 i love uuu sooooo much !!! and it’s me who is lucky to have you jaan…WOH bhi janta hai ki tu hi mujhe handle kar sakta hai 😉 Tujhe Rab ne banaya issliye…isssliye….i love uuuu !!!! I love u i love uu i love uuuuuuuuu !!!!!


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