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Sizzling Brownie #37: Crazy or what ;)

Remember these cute decorations hubby made for our anniversary…well today after lunch while he was washing his face i was whiling away those few mins hovering around these cute little hearts…admiring them and his love for me…and i just felt like and so, smooched one of those right away !

And when hubby came upto me i said ‘guess maine kispe kiss kiya hai ?’ ( guess which one i kissed ) and he actually stood there in front of the door..scrutinizing each of those hearts for any mark of my lips or any clue whatsoever as i continued to tease him… ‘wrong wala mat bolna han’ ‘tujhe allowed nahin hai’….(don’t pick the wrong one…you are not allowed) and in that moment my heart actually skipped a beat as he hovered his finger from one heart to another till he decided and pointed out the 3rd one on the top frame. And as soon as i blurted out ‘Nahin ye waala’ pointing to the last one in that frame..he promptly replied with a tiny little frown and a little smile ‘maine pehle wahi socha ! ’ (i had first thought so !)

And then as he turned i just couldn’t let it be and in an impulse said ‘koi baat nahin’ (never mind) and kissed the one that he had pointed out right away !! He had a big grin on his face and i had a big hug 😀 😀


8 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #37: Crazy or what ;)

  1. Love and all the beautiful and happy events that goes with it. I truly enjoy the sweet gestures of love and affection you and your hubby have for each other. The world needs more stories like this. Stories that inspires us that love can happen …


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