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Sizzling Brownie #38: Satyavan Savitri

I always had had my share of confusions and rebellions when it comes to social rituals and fasting etc. Still somehow i had been able to ‘manage’ quite a few, some which i find are harmless to my understanding and opinions and some which i really enjoy. After marriage, there are 2 days a year that i keep a fast, one on Gauri Purnima and the other on Savitri (Satyavan Savitri). On both these days married women keep fast for the long-life of their husbands. Though actually it is just one such day every year for any of the Hindu cultures but since we are ‘hybrid’ i decided to observe both. 🙂 🙂

Few moments earlier i was actually about to start my post with ‘I’m starving’ and even the movie we were watching had some really  noticeable the only thing i had my eyes on scenes of some really noticeable food !! Its like when you have a broken heel you keep looking at other people’s shoes and when you know you can’t eat i mean really happily blissfully eat, all the yummy foods cruise before ur eyes !! Now before you question or feel worried let me clear that i had a full day of  ‘fruits only’ meal. Actually back home there is a special highly nutritious porridge made on this day with cottage cheese, bananas, lentils, yoghurt and fruits so as to see that it isn’t actually that taxing. But me being me and a lover of all those ‘summer’y fruits back home have always enjoyed these 2 days gorging on watermelons and mangoes !! Another reason being, at least this way i give my stomach some much required rest 😉 and empty it for more cleanse it with just a fruits meal ! And what i have actually found out is it actually works !! Cleanse becomes equivalent to empty/ready for more meal and i actually feel more and more hungry !!!

Today hubby got me many fruits including a whole watermelon !!! Now why that is remarkable because here in Tokyo, what little or best of watermelons we have relished has been a bowl size pack of cut pieces which won’t make up to even one slice of that found back home. And here we have been window shopping fruits many a times amazed at the art of fruit-wrapping and presentation priced at 15oo¥/mango or 2000 ¥/watermelon. But today hubby got me a whole watermelon and i literally screamed out in delight !!! Later, on enquiring, he told me it was priced at 950¥ means around some 500 rupees. Imagine the amount of fruits you would get for that back home !

But then the reason behind this post is not the fast, the hunger pangs, the ritual nor to inform you of the gorgeously wrapped and fashionably priced arts of fruits here but to let you know how priceless this day has been as have been all those 2 days/year for these 4 years. Priceless not just because of the devotion/emotions underlying these rituals but more because of the respect and love so evident in the simple fact that one does it for the other-self. Superstition or not but a faith yes and some harmless excuses of fruit-cleansing ur system adding to the fun makes it a lot more easier. And when a random thought hits my mind that why such rituals are only meant for girls, then i can have my answer in the man by my side…who keeps this fast for me too !!! Yeah the 2 days/year every year !!

I remember the first time i had kept a fast for him (before marriage), I was in Cuttack and he in Bangalore and he had called up to say how special he was feeling that someone is doing this for him for the first time. And till that day evening i wasn’t even aware that he hadn’t eaten the whole day either ! It had just never struck me how could he actually love me so much !!! To do something when you are asked/expected to do it is manageable but to do something unasked for..out of sheer love and respect is what is My Dear U, my Januuu…

I know i can’t stand those hunger pangs at all but then for him, i just can’t imagine how unbearable it must be !! Today again all day through i kept nudging him sometimes lovingly sometimes worried and angry as to why does he have to do this.And each time he nudged me back…why do you have to do this? When we talked back home and i related this to my sis-in law and she asked why is Satyavan (Savitri’s husband) keeping the fast too, he without a slightest thought replied back…the world has made rules for Savitri but none for Satyavan so Satyavan decided to tag along with her this way too. Now do i need to tell who is the most lucky girl in this world and who is the best man God ever created…I may sound exaggerating or too mushy sometimes but the truth is that is simply what it is…I’m blessed to have him and looking at him i can tell myself i must be damn good 😉

Now that he is sleeping by my side as i write this, am just waiting for the dawn so that i can make him eat a hearty meal. Don’t know when and how this kid, whom i have seen in half-pants and shorts, riding a blue bicycle, with neatly combed hair, sitting in the first bench of our class solving any maths problem in a whizz, sharing lunch-boxes with friends, wishing me good mornings and waving me the ‘bye..see you tomorrow’s every day, playing badminton and digging sand-tunnels at the playground, managed to reach my hand and grew up to be the man sleeping by my side right now…grew up to be the man way ahead of any of my dreams could ever foresee…grew up to be my reality better than my be the man of my life and not just my dreams !

Do i need to pinch myself…nah just his Good morning kiss would do 🙂 🙂

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”  

29 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #38: Satyavan Savitri

  1. Your love makes my heart sing! Keep writing. Keep loving. I too love my man, but I wish I could write as you do. Thank you so much for sharing, sweet sister. Hugs 🙂


    1. Oh whatever you say is always so sweet and touching ! Warms my heart every time !!! Thank you so much my dear !! A jumbo hug back to you 🙂 Love to hear from you !


  2. Hope you got through the fast in one piece… 🙂 your hubby is really lucky or rather i should say you both are lucky to have each other… lovely wind-up in last paragraph…. cheers to love…:)


    1. Thanks sweetie 🙂 Well the day started with watermelon milk shake, toast and jam and went on with fried rice,palak paneer,omlette,egg manchurian sandwich…he he basically fridge cleansing 😉 Now would make some masaledar Chicken curry 😉


  3. Awesome re 🙂
    Okie here is one more commonality for you – I had this fruit fast with and for hubby 🙂 Yesterday !
    Loved the last para and wonferul flow of emotions 🙂 Reading that last para made me feel so tearful ….. Beautiful !
    Stay blessed!!!!!!!!


    1. OMG are you kidding me !!! Wow love to keep finding out we have so much in common 🙂 U also have Savitri ? or what is it called for you ? And about the last para…yeah i felt the same…just kept looking at him again and again as he slept by my side, wondering how this boy has grown up to be my man…the way he takes care of me and all…it’s just amazing to say the least 🙂


  4. good post!!! fasting part!!! but feel like asking, is he your school-mate??? 🙂 🙂 🙂 sorry I haven’t read the commmments above, if its there!!!


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