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Sizzling Brownie #41: I can Love

Today when hubby came home and we cozied up with some ginger ‘tea in bed’ we turned the tv on (yeah for a change we have shifted the tv to the bedroom and its kind of fun !) and since then we were glued to this beautiful movie !! It’s one of those times when you randomly come across such a beautiful movie that makes [and here i pause as hubby crawls unto me on the bed and kisses me softly (and i tell him i will write this on the blog ;)] one feel ..[am losing words for the obvious distraction]…okay lemme try once again…

So it’s one of those times when you come across such a BEAUTIFUL movie..something that makes u FEEL and LOVE Love once again! The ‘acting’ wasn’t acting ! That’s the least to say…it is just so incredible ! You feel the innocence of love,the passion and desperation of love, the independence of mind and the belief in oneself and each other it brings along…it is just beautiful beyond expression !

Do watch this movie (“The Other Sister”) everyone !! And let us know how you liked it…

I want each one of you to watch it and i need each one of you to comment here writing how you liked it.. ( I may sound crazy but some movies do that to you..don’t they ;))

Here’s a small clip of the movie for you to get a feel of love….though the quality of the video is not that good but i can bet the feeling is outstanding !!! Enjoy !!!

Cheers to Love !!!


15 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #41: I can Love

    1. Oh it’s about how a young woman makes up for her mental challenges in her insistence on being independent and equally capable of loving and being loved ! Actually,there’s much more to it than that so please do watch it 🙂 🙂 You will love it !


    1. Wow thats gr8 !! It would sure make for a good weekend watch ! It’s not a serious kind..just a great romcom with a beautiful message ! Lemme know then how you liked it 🙂


  1. no idea about the movie and not feeling like searching for it… the only good thing is to keep reading bout your experiences.. 🙂 you write so smooth and amazing… 🙂


  2. aame, is your love always sweet and sugar? Do you guys face trying times at all? Are there times you ask yourself if you made the right decision to be in this marriage? Are there times you think “Oh….why?” please share, just asking….


    1. Hey Nita am happy that you felt free enough to ask me these questions.Well to be honest,most of the time i look back or see is indeed all sweet and sugar and that is because we believe in working towards it everyday.The moments shared through this blog are a tiny glimpse of that.We have had our little moments of challenges but nothing compares to the love and respect we share for and with each other.

      Nita,I believe every couple is different and special in their own sweet small ways but what underlies them all is that they want to nurture the relationship with love,respect and’s just too special to be taken for granted.So the answer to your first two questions would be yes and the last two would be no,never ! I know to my core how blessed i am to have him for me and each day of my life am grateful to God,our parents,family and him to have let me have this blessing for my life !

      Nita, i believe love is in essence beautiful.If you ever have any doubts then just know that love is never wrong might just be the wrong person at the right time.

      Hoping the best of love and life for you ! Take care !!! XOXOXOXOXO


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