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Sizzling Brownie #42: Food fiasco ??

Well as you know we are the ‘Maid for each other’ kind right now, i mean since last 3 years…as we got to do all the cooking,dish-washing, and again cooking,dishwashing and again cooking…on and on and on. I mean you all know how much we both adore all those yummilicious good food…the big big foodies we are…we just love to eat and eat different every time and eat to our choice every time …duh live to eat basically and absolutely not the otherwise…which is when everything goes crazy !!!!

We both love the cooking too (in anticipation of the great result) but hate the dish-washing ! Imagine when millions of rats scourge the tiny belly and all you can think of is some yummy food right in front of you…where you can just put ur feet up and eat and eat and eat…then is when i go all ‘mummmmyyyyyy’ !!! I mean it’s more than a year and half now since we have been able to do that ! Sit araam se without any worries and just eat happily gorging on yummy mom-made food and clinging onto her love !!!! Oh i miss it all soooo much…..but i would rather not go into that stuff right now…because i just won’t be able to do that right now and such relaxing and delicious daydreaming surely hurts right now !

Well so the point is yesterday was one such day when neither of us had the stamina, zeal or patience to go through the ridiculous cycle of dish-washing and cooking just for eating !!!! And to add it all, i had literally ached my eyes to sleep at 4.30 am the night before and so i went into a forced untimely slumber till 11.30am until when hubby called !

He usually comes for lunch at 12.30pm and so i knew it’s time for me to get going…but just to visualize that whole cycle in my mind and the thought of pulling myself up, battling the aftereffects of some horrid nightmare and dragging my tiny feet into the kitchen made me cringe ! I was a completely deflated Pluto doggy right at that time. So after the taxing tug of war in my mind, i finally decided to ‘allow’ myself this (yeah the tug of war was because i hate to tell him no..especially food…never ! Never ever till i absolutely can’t really do it.That’s why i say ‘allow myself’) So, surrendering to my drained out state of mind and body, I finally called up hubby asking him if he could eat at the office cafeteria for the day.He said ‘ok’…though we both know how much we both hate that… [first because he has to go through the million Japanese food to find something edible (the only option could be Indian Nan and Madrasi aka ‘spicy’ curry, nothing like any of Indian home-made or restaurant-made traditional dishes), second he won’t be coming home at mid-day and nor would we both be eating our lunch out of the same plate, u know the joy of feeding the first morsel to each other first and the laughter when the food is too tempting to put it in your own mouth first ! ]

Now I had pulled myself out of the bed already and was sitting on my comfy chair on a daily date with my mac, when my prince charming called again…

Hubby: have u taken lunch

me:  nah not yet

Hubby : good, why don’t you come over here and we can eat together at some good place, i don’t feel like eating anything from this cafeteria…

me: uh…mmm (excited at the prospect of meeting him and dreaded by all the ‘getting ready to go out’ steps, but something excited me suddenly..) Thik hai tu ghar aaja Jaan..main bana deti hun kuch jhat se… [the prospect of meeting him plus the assurance that he has some good home-made food outdid everything else]

Hubby: But tu us sab main ghus mat abhi… aur do din hai weekend tak chala lenge and phir dekhte hain..

me: (laughing at my cuteipie’s sweet sweet love…) nahin re main jyaada kuch nahin karungi..tu aaja…i will make tomato rice and dahi baingan jhat se…phir acche se khayenge…

Hubby : (thinking…because he really doesn’t want me to go into the kitchen right then…) when i prod him further..

me: abhi bahar khayenge to order wagera karne main bhi time jayega na 😉

Hubby : han, woh to hai..ok main aa raha hun…

So i just wash the pressure cooker, make the tomato rice and his fav dahi baingan by the time he reaches and we eat out of the same plate again 🙂 🙂

Now, remember i had said that some ‘Day’(s) we don’t feel like going into the kitchen and so, the same dilemma faced us yesterday night too…and did i tell you we enjoy our choice of food every time (luckily,our choices match most of the time or else imagine the drama ! ) and so it thus happened that we seemed to be ‘feel like eating’ Kadhai Chicken ! Uh..ho now what??? It was a Thursday and hence a self-proclaimed veggie day for us… (just to inform you we always stick to the ‘day’ i.e. till midnight 😉 )

Just then a crazy thought crossed my mind, and guess what happened next ?

Hubby instantly reading my mind…said… “What khana abhi order karke 12 baje khana hai ??? Arre if you have a crazy thought, you have  a crazy husband to join you too…tension kya hai !!!”

Can you imagine !!! I had the most funny smile on my face..a mix of surprise, glee, admiration, relief…he he he he…

And so yesterday night we did just that ! Ordered for some chapatis, kadhai chicken and fish tikka at about 10pm and managed with some black-salted yummy grape juice, aloo bhujji sev and a cake till the tv, mobiles and clock all struck midnight and off we binged to our heart’s delight !!!!! 🙂 🙂

P.S. Thanks for keeping up with this crazy post and our crazy ventures !! 😉 😀


7 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #42: Food fiasco ??

  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I know the feeling of not making anything
    but hey i loved the little conversation and the JHAT se khana tyaar
    and the midnight chicken. had to wait for 2 hours , I cant do that and by now i am sure GOd knows it too, so he/she does not get angry if i break it like that 🙂

    made me smile the post


    1. he he thanks Bikram !!! 🙂 🙂 Love to hear your interesting witty inputs each time !!! I really look forward to that always ! 🙂 Don’t forget the movie 2mw 😉


  2. Arey I loved this. I love how you make such little moments of love into highly readable posts 🙂
    Oh, order like you guys too dearie ! Like at 2 A.M. in the morning – serious ! Food is a priority.
    Our fights are usually abotu who will wash the dishes. So same pinch about the dish wash feeling there. If I am happily washing dishes, you will know that I am crazily on top of the world. So much that one of the gifts on my bday was K washing the dish mountain :))
    God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Ha ha yeah i can so identify with the 2am hunger pangs..especially on friday nights and weekends !!! 🙂 🙂 And yeah the dish mountain…huh let’s not even think of it 😉 Let’s be like the cat closing its eyes and assuming it’s not there…he he he 😉
      I love hearing from you dear !!! Thanks so much !!! XOXOXOXO


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