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Sizzling Brownie #47: Ichi Man XOXOXO !!!

Yahoooooooo ‘My Dear U’ got 10,000 XOXOXOXOXOs !!!!! That’s Ichi-Man 一万  in Japanese 😉 He he he sounds like superman, he-man, spiderman 😉 Well, just 2 months back on april 10th we crossed the 5000 mark and in these two months it got 100 % more hugs and kisses !!!! Thank you thank you thank you dear friends for showering our blog with soooo much love !!!!! Really feels soooooo special !!! It’s something like, every baby grows up in due course but it’s every baby’s first smile, first words, the first steps…the little milestones that makes the whole journey so special !!!! It’s that special feeling today again !!!! 🙂 🙂

And celebrating this special moment and continuing the blog baby’s first birthday celebration week…we share with you some of the moments of its growing up…something am sure you won’t want to miss or won’t mind enjoying the 2nd or nth time 😉 So, friends here are some of the love notes and sizzling brownies that made My Dear U 1st year so special to be showered with ichi-man hugs and kisses i..e so much of your love..all thanks to each one of you !!!!

The love notes…the moments that brought us together….that made US !!!

love note #1: The first time he sneaked into my heart !  (The first post and the first connection)

love note #3: Love enters everywhere

love note #4: The mails and the calls…behind it all ! (Trying to trace the pattern 😉 )

love note #7: Walking aimlessly – Day 1 ( The first of the 2 magical days that brought us together ! )

love note #8 : Walking aimlessly – Day 2 ( The 2nd day that brought about all the difference )

love note #9: I miss u.. (The first realization of love )

love note #10: I miss u..(In his words !!)  ( Same time, on his side )

love note #12: His state of mind n….heart !! ( Speaks for itself..)

love note #13: The Call of Love !! ( The proposal !! )

love note #15: The first “I Love UU”  ( When my man said I LOVE UU for the first time !! )

love note #16: Moms know best ! (When the moms came to know)

love note #17: The noticeably changed me ! ( Kuch to hua hai !!! When cupid strikes 😉 )

love note #18: The first meeting after the proposal ! ( Jab We Met )

love note #19: The first date ! (The first ‘couple’ day out ;))

love note #20: The first rendezvous between the two men of my life ! (The bf meets the Dad )

love note #21: The results !!

love note #22: “What do u like about me ?”  (Every girlfriend’s favorite question 😉 )

love note #25: The First Kiss… ( It really happened Full filmy isshtyle 😉 )

love note #26: Papa and Jaan..face2face !! ( The second chance ? )

love note #28: The pre-engagement date…  (The nervousness,the gratefulness and the butterflies)

love note #29: The Engagement !! (Officially ‘made for each other’)

love note #30: Stealing time ! (Love has its own special ways ;))


🙂 🙂 I LOVE UU JAAN 🙂 🙂


Coming up next : The Brownie treat 🙂 🙂    XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO !!!!

16 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #47: Ichi Man XOXOXO !!!

  1. 2 months and 5k more kisss? how nice 🙂 sweethearts around the world savoring your brownies 🙂

    (i’m savoring too, but not sure of the sweetheart part 😛 )


  2. Congratulations on the hits! Will go through all your love notes soon!
    I really love the last line of your post. I love how you do not disguise your love for him, how you say it so directly. It’s refreshing. Very few bloggers seem to do that 🙂


  3. Here’s more to you X0X0X0X0 ! that’s the first time i ever typed that 😛
    wishing you many more many many more moments of such happiness and contentment 🙂

    God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Oh sweetie you are just so so sweet !!! Thank u thank u thank u soooooooo much !!!! I actually love typing it each time…he he he XOXOXOXOXOXO !!!!!


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