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Sizzling Brownie #51: Sweet Somethings !

Yesterday on occasion of the auspicious Ratha Yatra, i shared one of hubby’s paintings on Facebook (without his knowledge) and there were so many likes ! When he came home from office i asked ‘Did u check FB today?’ and he said no. i opened up his account for him and he was just so touched to see his painting and the likes and comments there, that he couldn’t utter anything for a while and then he said ‘I love UU’ holding my hand. And the look in his eyes said it all ! 

Soon thereafter we went out and it was an absolutely gorgeous evening with a lovely breezy cool weather. As i was about to line up at the bus stop he pulled me towards him with his eyes telling me ‘Let’s go for a walk’ 🙂 🙂

After the lovely walk hand in hand, we were in mood for some Ice-cream !! And we got ourselves a pineapple frozen float with Vanilla ice-cream at the BR and the whole time as we sat discussing (read-me blabbering) he actually kept feeding me spoonfuls of ice-cream and heart full of his love all the while !! It took me a while to realize that in front of so many people there, it was like a clip right from the movie. Me blabbering away mindlessly while his eyes fixed only on me as he fed me the ice-cream and responded to my million queries incessantly 😉 We then had a late night walk back home too 🙂 🙂

Today at lunch when we both were pretty full, there was still some food left..too less to be kept and too much to be eaten right then. So, he served those last spoons of rice and curry to our plate and nudged ‘Hmm..chal’ like saying it’s just a little more..we can do it 😉 And i pleaded back teasingly ‘I love uu Jaan’ as in please Jaan i can’t anymore… and before i said it again he blurted out ‘Plus 100’ !!! Aww and i stopped there a while looking at him and said ‘Plus 1’ and he said ‘Maine pehle bola tha !!’ (i told it first)…

And now sometime back as i was just finishing off a draft for my next article, and hubby was home just a while back, seeing me still busy, he came to me and asked ‘kya banaun bol’ ‘Gyoza banaun?’ (What should i make? Tell me ! Gyoza?) And as i said ‘No…tea?’ he murmured something under his breath (he does that so often to tease me into asking him again what did u say 😉 ) and when i asked he said prodding like a child… ‘Chai hai to…tu bana degi ?!?’ (Well tea? then will u make it ? ) And wrapping his arms around me added ‘Ya mere haathon se…mmmm tere haathon se banaun?’ (or would u like to have it my hand-made…or should i make with ur hands?) and i bursted out laughing saying ‘Yeah mere haathon se bana de’ (yeah, make it with my hands 😉 )

As he went ahead and made tea, i finished off my work and joined him in between to add in my hands 😉 asked him to go settle on the bed  and as i brought the tea in bed for him, he asked ‘which side ? Which side will u sit at..this or that ?’ And i said ‘You say whichever side you want’. To that he flashed a smile and replied.. ‘I just want to be by your side’ …. 🙂 🙂

…and gosh i was so touched i went spell-bound for a while till i could utter ‘Same’ and he screamed back again ‘Maine pehle bola tha !!!’ 🙂 🙂

22 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #51: Sweet Somethings !

  1. Wow.. how to put this.. “choooooo cute”? 😉 but then again, It’s definitely a PC thing.. PC can stand for pretty cute too 🙂

    S paints awesomely. Get him to exhibit in a gallery na, V. 🙂


    1. Wow personal computer redefined yet again !!! 😉 Yeah he paints really well, first i should see him painting more often 🙂 Thanks so much Leo !!
      Love to hear from u !


  2. Awesome painting 🙂 It is so beautifully done – all the paint, the kind of shading and all. sigh! One talented Picasso you have at home 🙂 Well, you will now say that he is not Picasso but beyond all that because he is your jaan and can I deny that? 😛 🙂

    cutie shootie couple – all that cuteness was beautiful 🙂 esp. Maine pehle bola tha

    But I am still stuck in the Pineapple float with vanilla icecream 😛


    1. Ha ha do i exaggerate that much 😉 I can proudly say My Picasso though 😉 Yeah actually that tome of ‘maine pehle bola tha’ was too cute each time !! and dnt worry my dear i will have anther pineapple float on ur behalf too 😉 Ha ha ha love u !!!


  3. yeah! men always say, “I just want to be by your side!” BTW can I have the link to that paintingS ? a quick look at your page before going to bed!! 🙂 🙂


      1. oh oops.. i missed to see that u had posted the pic of painting! so thought of asking for the fb link to the pic. 🙂 🙂 nice painting! I have lost that art though from my hands after i got into engineering!! 🙂 🙂


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