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Sizzling Brownie #52: Bed-time stories !

Yesterday night the sleep fairy again forgot to sprinkle her fairy dust on me..(actually she visited around 11.05 pm just when many a windows popped open at my fb page and my friends are my life’s fairy dust so i gently winked at the sleep fairy to please be kind enough to visit me back in hour or so but i guess she was too kind to give me a lapse of hrs in a go 😉 ) so there i was tossing and turning in bed, and checking out Android apps online till i had strained my eyes enough when i finally turned all the machines off hoping that my system would follow a sleep mode too. And the best comforter for me was of course right by my side 😉 so i gently curled behind him and snuggled close upto him trying to find a gap in between his elbow and waist so as to slide my hand through and hold him close to me without waking him up. And as i gingerly inched my hand under the blanket reaching through the gap…i didn’t feel anything above my hand…and i could immediately pass it through to hold him close to me and in a while i saw him drop back his hand to hold mine and doze off in peace. Yeah! Just at that instant he had actually raised his hand high up to let my hand slip through along his waist…and all that while he was fast asleep ! 🙂 🙂 Some connection there han 😉 Makes me flutter like a butterfly each time 😉

Then a while after i wasn’t still able to sleep and i needed to change sides and as i drew my hand out gradually, he actually followed my hand with his, making a big arc in the air…and i almost giggled out aloud at that point… 🙂 🙂 As i turned…he turned right back hold me from behind and slide his hand through along my waist and hold me tight.

And then i tried not to move…but in a while he could know that am not getting sleep…he turned back..pulled me to his chest…placed his hand on my head and started patting me and running his fingers through my hairs…oh my !!!! Who cares for sleep then 😉

Thereafter everytime i shifted position, he came right at me…caressing my hairs like that of a baby, trying to put me to sleep…and all this while he was sleeping ! And so finally my FairyMan put me to a sound comforting sleep in his loving arms….

Today morning he says… ‘Mujhe pata hai tu so nahin pa rahi thi kal…maine itni koshish ki par aankhen khul hi nahin rahi thi’ Aww how sweet na…he melts my heart each day….and makes me fall like Dominoes for him…more and more each day !!!!

I love UU sweetuuuu !!!!!!

I love uuu soooo muchhh !!! …..+1 !!! 🙂 🙂

Mmmmmmmmmuuuuuaaaaaaahhhhh !

16 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #52: Bed-time stories !

  1. So he was partially awake too for you 🙂 how sweet. Lovebirds you both are.. (owls possibly? 😉 )

    and yes, PC does sync well with each other 😉 so sweet and expected to find him knowing your movements and moments 🙂


  2. so sweet and very romantic too 🙂 🙂 How I wish, S does the same instead of the tug of war every night, LOL 😀


      1. Its true to the point 😀 From the lover that I am to him for the entire day, night turns me his enemy.. he fights really well when asleep 😀


    1. Yeah amazes me each time ! And just yday i was thinking how 2 ppl can get so comfortable with each other just feels like ur own self in front of you ! 🙂 🙂


  3. Cutie lovebirdies 🙂 Strking head and patting head and running fingers thru’ hair – K does it always too 🙂 But like gb said, we can eat each other off for our half of the bed 😛


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