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Sizzling Brownie #55: Awww moments !!

– Day before yday was my baby cousin bro’s 3rd birthday and after a little parroting with the new talker on the block, it was now his elder sister’s turn..the cutest, prettiest, smartest girl on the block ! (She must be 6 or 7 yrs old and when she was 4, we had this little Skype conversation whereby when she asked what are u guys doing and hubby replied ‘looking at u’ she promptly replied back saying ‘why are u looking at me..look at ur favorite, the one by ur side !!!!’ ) So this girl now hurriedly grabs the phone and some usual 2-liners after, she asks me abt hubby (her fav) ‘Where did he go?’ and this time hubby steals the show with ‘Where else would i be my dear, than right here by your sis’s side !’ And silence ! My aunt gushes out ‘Oh what a darling boy !’ while the li’l pretty girl and my uncle couldn’t resist their hearty giggles..(the phone was on speaker !)

– Then in a while my aunt asks me the obvious ‘Good News’ question and me taking a cue from a friend, try out ‘Whenever God sends and he/she reaches us’ and i playfully nudge hubby to join in and lo he replies ‘What have we got to do !!’ OMG and i could so well imagine the shock and pleasure on my aunt’s face !!! They are my youngest uncle and aunt and so am quite free with them..pulling legs etc but coming from hubby it might have been an obvious shocker 😉 And then as she instantly wrapped up the call, we bursted out laughing high-fiving each other 🙂 🙂

– Two days back when we were assessing the options for dinner, i voiced out that i didn’t wana make the regular toor dal (split pigeon peas) and after a while of  loitering, i took out the jar of Moong dal. As i set it on the kitchen counter,

hubby : how did u know i was just thinking of that ??

me : Nah please don’t lie !!

hubby : (laughing incredibly) why would i lie !!!

me : please this can’t happen every time ! I’m not gonna write this on our blog !

hubby : and am not telling you this for the blog !!!

me : (nodding my head in disbelief) Even if i write, all would now think i have been framing all these up !!!

hubby : nah no need to write this na…

(but how could i miss it 🙂 :))

– Last night as i wrapped myself around him tucking myself in just the right way (..our fav way…with my head on his chest, arms around each other and legs perfectly intertwined), hubby sighed ‘Aah feels like it has been so long since we slept like this’ and in a while continues with ‘and u would say…just yesterday night we slept like this’ 😉 🙂

And my dil goes zooooooommmmmmm….mmmmmmmm…..mmmmmmmmm……. 🙂 🙂

I love UU sweetuu !!!!

12 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #55: Awww moments !!

    1. Oh yeah !!! She is one smart little doll !! She even named herself !!! I have a bunch of ‘absolute fun’ bros and sis in the range of 3 to 32 !! 🙂 🙂


    1. Thanks dear !!! Really is it ? NIce to know 🙂 Btw bas is post se nhn hoga…go catch up with all and i need ur comment for each !!! Like ever ! Glad to hear form u here after soooooo long !


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