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Sizzling Brownie #59: A little rush..a little blush…

Update: Tue,Wed, Thu we had been to this awesome island called Okinawa…one of those tiny spots on the map, south of Japan. Fri a quick office day and then Sat, Sun, Mon holidays !!! So u see i literally have to type in these days to keep track because who cares which day it is with so much of together time on hands 😉

So one of these days..mostly sunday i guess..we settled down in our bed with dimmed lights to watch a late night movie…and as we both are the cuddly-snuggly types…someway through the movie hubby started pecking me on my lips..and i kept my face lifted in position..wanting more…and i know he would go on till i buried my face in his chest…so i enjoyed the smooches till in a while..something brilliant struck me…yeah absolutely brilliant !!! I wonder how i had missed it all these years !! So in between the pecks and smooches i gently held my face back and looked into his eyes…he looked back lovingly as a mischievous grin slightly crept up my face…i anchored my glasses on my head (taking time basically ) smiled, anticipating his reaction…and looking straight into his eyes said..

“I don’t think i have ever told you…but you are a very good kisser !!!! ”

And to that hubby shot his hands up in full excitement and yelled like he had just had had his first kiss 😉 And i covered my face blushing and laughing my heart out…

Well, this was the first time i had ever said this in my life or he had ever heard in his life…so u see 😉

Later that night i heard it first time too when wrapping me in his arms he said.. “and you are a very passionate kisser too……” 😉 🙂



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