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love note # 31: He said it all….. ;)

Date: Mon, Aug 15, 2005 at 9:19 PM

hi re…

this was not usual, not at all usual…Never did it happen to me before and never did i react like that… 

dont know but i didnt had the courage of turning back and looking at u but still i did at the end of the road as i felt as if you might be waiting for that. but i was afraid that i could have never left if i turned back again and it was good that u didnt come to station. if u had, then i dont know but i could not have left u… As i boarded the taxi i felt as if i was missing something behind me. felt as if i would scream at the driver to stop and run back to u. felt as if the whole sky was fallling on me. it was just not possible for me to  bear the loneliness i was facing…All the two days we were together whenever we boarded the taxi. the previous night i could control myself as the only thing that was running on my mind was that i was going to meet u the very next morning. but yesterday, it was uncontrollable.i could feel u by my side but i was missing u, missing u terribly. May be it was the first time my eyes welled up. it didnt happen, never ever with me… and i dont understand why, may be i understand it …i dont know exactly. May be i dont know what i want, may be i know what i want but afraid to ask.

dont know since yesterday night i am struggling with myself… i am missing u badly…very badly…everytime i am walking i am just looking for u….

these two days were wonderful…since morning some or the other incidents flashing on my mind…and then all of a sudden i feel lonely though everyone is there around me…

never did such a thing happened to me …. never… i am finding it so difficult… before coming to calcutta i was so eager to see u and now i am so desparate to see u again and be with u…

all i know , all i want is ….. i want to be with u…yes, i want to be with u.

take care…

That my friends is my very own my first ever love letter….could it be any better than this…naaaaaaahhh…no way…this is just the bestest !!! He steals my heart each time i read these lines…and i just feel wwwoooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!

For what happened after this, check this  🙂 🙂

19 thoughts on “love note # 31: He said it all….. ;)

  1. And he continues to steal your heart every day with more and more letters, which he speaks 🙂

    May you both be lovebirds always and always 🙂


  2. I could see a true emotions coming out from that letter.. Stay in love and happiness forever 🙂

    I can very much relate to the first para.. for I stayed away from S for 3 years before wedding and 4 months after our wedding 🙂 There were only chain of msgs.. which are stuck up in different mobiles (old) now. How I wish.. we too conversed through mails 🙂


    1. Hey thanks sweetie 🙂 🙂 Oh even i hate msgs being stuck up in diff sim cards !!! They are an absolute treasure hai na !
      This mail he wrote when he missed me for the first time 🙂 After a lovely 2 days that paved the way for best friends to love..
      and more so i can understand the 4 months after wedding part is just so so difficult !!! God bless u both dear 🙂 🙂


  3. damn cool!!! it seems like a movie sentences!!! eh! u guys can write a book very easily :0 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am flattered 🙂


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