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Sizzling Brownie #61: My angel !

Yesterday morning we got up late after a late Sat night. Settled into the afternoon with a special (made by hubby) brunch (comfort food) of bread-omelette (not bread and omelette) and some special calls to our dear friends…and then the fight ! Yeah fight ! That too with my best friend and that too on friendships day !!! Really ? Does it really had to be ?? Am i that insane !! Turns out i am 😦  And this 😦 itself is the reason for the fight !! 

My girly (crazy) genes had already planned for an evening out… (complete with the Batman movie which my bf would have so enjoyed) but  my bf’s (patient) genes were still relaxing in the cozy sunday afternoon delights…so the mention…the pause…and the big big 😦 I knew as u all know too, he would have actually loved to go out too but just needed a bit of cooling time to wake his patient genes up but my crazy genes already blasted off !!! Went for the shower to cool off but came back with the same frown pasted on my big face ! I didn’t look at him and went straight to the sofa and settled down with the laptop (instead of  the normal-going to him, hugging him and planting a loving kiss on his forehead with a sweet ‘i love u’) He came and sat near me and kept nudging me for a kiss but i didn’t ! Ugggghhhh how i hate myself !!! So in a while hubby went for a cool shower…and came back with a peaceful smile…and telling me (urging me) very very lovingly to get ready to go out….but nahin ! Mujhe to nahin jaana tha…n my silly point…’we will go when u feel like going not because i want to’ (yeah am like that…and he is a saint to bear me in all my avatars…really ! God has chosen phunk phunk ke this angel-guy for me ! )

And his urging me to go out and me not giving in lead to it….and the point…

he : but if we dont go u will have this frown on ur face all day…

me : but u didn’t feel like going na…u would feel better at home…

he : this would spoil the whole evening…

me : i won’t enjoy it outside even when u won’t…

he : then why are u frowning…

me : am myself with u na…

he : but u don’t let me when i frown…u keep nudging me aise acha nahin lagta… main kaise…n u didn’t kiss me even…

me : holding onto the laughter slipping off my smile…

he : gives the child like grumpy face…

anyways…we didn’t go…and we both sleep it off….

In the evening he gets up first and is doing the utensils…

I stir a bit in the bedroom and he calls out from the kitchen… ‘Bulayi kya ?’ and i hate it when i said ‘nahin’.

I come to the hall and he is done with the dishes by then as i open the balcony doors and windows to let some fresh air in… (avoiding eye contact all the time)

I ask (trying to maintain the severity in my voice ): Chai piyega ? (wanna have some tea? )

he nods a yes…

We then call home to wish our nephew on his 3rd bday…and then we have some warm ginger tea…

I don’t feed him the first morsel (of rusk) nor does he as we both have our tea from our ‘best friends’ mugs and watch Indian Idol..when in a while he directs a morsel towards my mouth and as i look at him we burst out laughing !!!! Gosh that’s how we are !!! The best friends 😉 🙂

[Actually it has been 2 tough weeks with me not being well…my stiff neck problem got really worse so much so that i was confined only to a chair for a few days and he had to do all the cooking and other household chores along with managing a hectic schedule at work too so basically we both were actually missing the ‘normal’ things that we do and it ended up this way…with our normal ‘together’ burst of laughter…and i wondered at the beauty of the phrase… ‘the couple that laughs together,lasts together’ ]

Btw Sat afternoon while i dozed off, he actually spend the whole time sending me so many cards for friendship day ! And then gave me a Snickers bar at midnight too !!! And there was one more which i quickly grabbed and gifted him..he he he 🙂 🙂

Check here for one of the cards he sent me !


[All these days he was taking care of me so so gently…just like a baby…just like my parents would do…and i could see the concern on his face…so much so that the very first day…papa also couldn’t help remarking that ‘she is not well but you seem to have reduced to half’. One evening while i was sitting on the chair and he on the bed (that in itself feeling so abnormal and distant) he said… ‘aise acha nahin lagta….kab tu bhagegi and main tere pichhe bhagunga…kab tu chalegi mast maula jaise…and i look up at him ‘what ! main haathi jaise chalti hun….’ and he trying to explain as we burst out laughing again…. ]

Thanks for all the laughs of my life Jaan…thanks for You !! I LOVE UU !!

8 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #61: My angel !

  1. I wonder how long the Snickers lasted 😛 Hehe! 😉

    Tum dono sudhroge nahi 😛 (and that’s a good thing.) Keep being yourselves and the love and the tantrums that keep your lovely life exciting.

    Lots of love to the two of you.

    (P.S. If this isn’t the first bite, then I’m definitely gonna have a big frown on my face 😛 😉 )


  2. I LOVE UU Jaan..just too much..happy friendship day!! its just that when you laugh everything seems good and pleasant, and when you frown I just become impatient 🙂 🙂 ha ha


  3. damn this is a very tough thing. 🙂 when both of them have an opposite taste.. 🙂 someone is moving out because other wants… and other doesn’t want to move out because someone is moving out only for other 🙂 🙂 there is no way to deal it 🙂 🙂 thankfully a frapppe should work for it 🙂


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