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Sizzling Brownie #62: Fun frappe !

Yesterday, 5 years ago, we got engaged !! Yeah for what what happened that day and how how happened that day please see love note #29: The Engagement ! 🙂 🙂

So, it so happened I had to go out for some work yesterday and was back before he was home. And when he came home my eyes through the peephole went straight for his hands…and as I opened the door it was confirmed…nah nothing ! No extra special pouch for me ! No strawberry frappes or caramel frappuchino or chocolate ice-cream not even a dairy milk…. mmmm i kept the sigh to myself…i tried…really….but i can’t keep anything in my heart na…i know means he has to know ! And so in a while…i went… all teary eyed and child-faced…‘tune mere liye kuch nahin laaya’ ??? And he just smiled…and I kept nudging and with time it was getting evident… nah no surprises…not in his bag…not under the pillow…not in the fridge nor in the closet…sigh ! And for those of you having a doubt…no he did not forget our anniversary ! He actually wished me right at the stroke of midnight ! The thing is you see isne mujhe kuch jyaada hi pamper kar diya hai 😉 Like papa brings home some candies or my fav rabdi or hot gulab jamuns…similarly he also brings home something or the other anytime and most time when am ‘expecting’ him to bring 😉 🙂

Finally yesterday night, in bed…i nudged him once more… (how he tolerates me ! ) and in a while he says…. ‘you need to have a bit of patience’

me : patience ! ( wow..means there is something special in store )

me : OKay !!! Till when ???

he : Na i won’t tell ! You always do this.

me : Bolna kab tak ? 15 mins ?

he : laughs out….

me : OK hints ?

he : nah no hints ! (burying his head in the pillow struggling  ‘not to tell’ )

me : ok kab tak ????

he : maine kabse plan kiya hai…tu aise hi bulwa deti hai… (i have planned since long and you never let me keep it a surprise)

and he adds…. ‘you can never guess’ !

me : (wow) Mujhe pata hi nahin hai ? (i really don’t know ?)

he : Tu soch bhi nahin sakti ! (u can’t even think of it !)

me : (wow again) Acha yeh to bol kab tak patience rakhun ? ( ok atleast tell how long i need to have patience ?)

he : weekend

me : sat or sunday ?

he : hmmmm saturday…

me : ok i really don’t know ? I have never read about it ?

he : You might have…u read so much…

me : still i don’t know ?

he : …….

me : ok it’s a gift or any activity ?

he : please ! main much nahin bolunga ! (please ! i won’t say anything !)

me : ok at home or outside ?

he : ……..

me : special to Japan ?

he : bol sakte hain (sort of)

me : kya sushi khane jaana hai ? (What you are taking me to a sushi lunch) *he doesn’t like fish as much as i do

he : (teasing me) nahin sushi to kha liye na…sashimi khane jaana hai… (sushi already tasted na…would go for Sashimi ! )

me : eee nahin…tu jhut bol raha hai…tu aise itni jaldi nahin bol dega…. (eeee…no…you are lying…you won’t usually tell me this easily…)

he : ….smiling….moving his head on the pillow… (how long do i keep up with this attack..i must not tell…no ! no way ! )

me : jaaan…

he : tu hamesha aise karti hai…. (u always do this…) Just before 2-3 days u come to knw….i try so much ki tujhe pata nahin chale…

me : arre tu mat bata na…see simple hai…tu aaj frappe le aata to main itna puchti hi nahin or sochti bhi nahin ki tune itna bada kuch plan kya hai…and tera surprise aise hi rehta… ( arrey don’t tell dear, see it’s so simple…if you had just got me a frappe today i wouldn’t have had pestered u with any such questions na nor would i ever thought u have any big plans already…)


me : (comforting further) and agar tune nahin bhi laaya to main jab puchun…to bolne ka ‘sorry jaan, kal le aaunga’ …ye nahin ki kuch plans hai…see mere chote chote expectations hain tu woh kar lega to tere bade surprises disclose karne ki jarurat nahin ayegi na…. (and even if you didn’t get me any frappe, you could just tell ‘sorry jaan,would get u 2mw’, instead of hinting at some big plans in store…see, i got tiny tiny expectations and if you fulfill those when am expecting then you needn’t have to disclose your big plans na…Gosh ROFL !)

he : (laughing) Sorry Jaan…main kal frappe le aaunga…. (i will get u the frappe tomorrow )

…and i laugh too and let my jaanuu sleep in peace….peace knowing that his secret is not out yet….he is just such a kid… simple and clean at heart…..really ! Touché’

and meanwhile i hold on to my patience… more day to go…….. yay yay !!!!

I love UU sweetuu !!!!


17 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #62: Fun frappe !

  1. Happy engagement anniversary V 🙂
    you know, it happens to the same story at my side too. First I expect him to get me something and if there is nothing – huge disappointment. And then, he cant keep his plans to himself. He will tell me there is a surprise and then I break my head over it 🙂 Sometimes, the whole process of asking questions and guessing answers for the surprise feels so good 😀

    Enjoy your frappe today and have lots of fun during the weekend 🙂


    1. Thanks so much GB ! Yeah u put it just right…the whole process is actually the real fun !!! Thats what i enjoy so much ! and he too 🙂 ROFL at ‘break my head over it’ ! Am glad you could relate and actually feel what i wanted to project 🙂 🙂 Many happy surprises to u too !!


  2. eeeyaaaah… i would agree with San this time instead of Var 🙂 you all estrogens are like that… never allow men to keep something surprising for you and then complain about no surprises 🙂 🙂 it happens with me when i plan to giving a surprise by dropping at her workplace and she has warned me mcuh before the thought came… “strictly keep away from the area of my office.” 🙂 🙂 🙂 women (including Var), just keep patience as men try to plan the best for you!!! 🙂 🙂


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