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Sizzling Brownie #66: The Papa in the making :) :)

Yesterday we went shopping ! Again ! It’s that we are going bak home this Dec and so lots of shopping on our list…and yesterday was the  kids quota and so there we were in ‘toys r us’ browsing racks of toys and games and filling up the huge shopping cart. At a point it got really exhausting with all the mind-matching of the various ages, the myriad interests and personalities, our imaginations and love and the items on the rack. Finally when done we sat down for some much needed break with huge bagfuls of toys. And then this happened… 

me : That remote control helicopter i gave you, it’s more of a showpiece and we better give it to Guddu ( my baby cousin, an actual teddy bro, anytime cuddly with equally big teddy hugs and strong hands for a tiny tinie helicopter which was his gift of choice last time we asked but due to the above facts he got a sturdy remote control car instead)

jaan: Nah…even if i don’t play…even it is now more of a showpiece but i won’t give it to anyone !

as i try to justify…

jaan : Nah…am keeping it for our baby… he/she will play with it and i will say ‘be careful ! mummy got it for me !’

and when i look at him amused, surprised and laughing…he has a hearty laugh and adds on further…

‘main unko bolunga mummy ne mujhe mere bachpan main diya tha !’ (i would tell them mummy gave it to me in my childhood)

‘and they will get so confused 😀 😀 !’

We high-fived laughing our hearts out in the warmth such cute prospects…

[The papa in the making is really really toooooo cute !!!! EACH TIME ! ]

12 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie #66: The Papa in the making :) :)

  1. “and they will get so confused…” 😀 “they” matlab more than one. planning for quadruplets maybe, Aame? 😉

    You always up the PC meter too 🙂 God bless you both.


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