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Sizzling Brownie#75: We’re back !

Just finished a board of Scrabble with hubby and it just felt like we’re back ! Back being just the way we are…just being ‘us’.

And this little act too took us so many months, more than a year, just to sit and do something together without any requisites. Last year has been just so challenging, it’s like we have dived into a new phase of life altogether, there has been continuous challenges one after the other, so many struggles, it’s like we have been up and awake 24*7 everyday. Things now are also busy but we understand this is just a phase…and we will see through this too step by step hand in hand…

Writing here, is also so much like feeling the ‘normal us’ …have missed this so much…there have been many a dark threatening clouds but they have all highlighted the silver lining… ‘Together we can and Together we shall’ and in that especially the man i love so much…my inspiration…my hero….how he has been handling all the pressures and stress..and keeping his cool and calm face in the face of it all…he smiles for me i know…and he dances for me…he is just incredible !!

I love UU jaan…and i will try my best to get back to writing…because I know u look forward to it even more than i do…

And for all you friends and family … Thank You ! for holding on, for waiting for us…for being there for us…



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