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Sizzling Brownie#76: We go on and on…

That’s what i have been feeling all these days…i have come back to my page time and again… staring at the blank page…at my lovely ‘my dear u’ and unable to pen down the emotions at all…anyone happened to visit this page in between must have seen the weird and regular changes in the theme at least…hehe…thought that wd inspire…but na…sometimes life is just too sublime…beautiful or hard either ways…its just too sublime and ethereal…that fills u up…ur soul…each bit of ur hair follicles…so much that you are it ! you are the life you are living ! and you got to make the most of it ! learn to swim…and then enjoy the swim…. 🙂 🙂

And to the man who just called me and when i said ‘I’m writing’ shouted a big yaaayyy of joy ..

to you my love…                                                                                                

no matter how tough the verses in between,                          

no matter how terse the lines,

you always fill the spaces with your incredible smile...

you make sure our poetry is beautiful and strong…

hand in hand through them all…we go on and on…

I LOVE UU JaanUU !!!

Thank you for you ! for Us !


14 thoughts on “Sizzling Brownie#76: We go on and on…

  1. u have the dots (more than a fair share in this post itself). connect them often. MDU will be much more sizzling then. 😉 readers still around. no worries.


    1. Thanks for being around Vinay ! Hw have u been? Connecting dots when we can or leaping across anyways is the way of life i guess !
      Readers i never thought…friends yes they stick around ! and its always heartening to hear from them and about them 🙂 adds to the sizzles !


    1. glad to hear from u !!! yes dear even i enjoy doing so…hearing from u all…being connected to u all !! thanks for not forgetting us and sticking by 🙂 🙂 XOXOXO


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